Explainer Video Drives $130K Funding, Visibility, and Event Success

The Challenge:

As a tech startup, CERA needed a visually compelling, informational, and easily-digestible video to strengthen their pitch to potential investors and clients, create brand awareness, and increase their media presence and visibility. They were in need of a tool that clearly and concisely communicates the functionality and purpose of an app that saves lives by improving law enforcement response time and communication in active shooter and other emergency situations. CERA was also looking to explain what differentiates them from other incident reporting apps on the market.

What We Did:





To walk people through how the app rapidly manages active threats by containing the perimeter, neutralizing the threat, treating and triaging injuries, and evacuating the scene, the video needed to provide a scenario of an active shooter situation to show the app in action. As this is a sensitive topic, to avoid causing trauma by staging a reenactment with human actors, we created an animated video with cartoon characters instead.

We produced a second animated video to demonstrate how law enforcement and security can use the CERA App at live events, such as music festivals, for crowd control and to quickly contain and respond to incidents.

TB Media Group also managed CERA’s social media channels, email newsletter, and media relations. This video was shared and repurposed several times in these marketing and public relations efforts to reach followers, and provide turnkey visuals for television and digital news audiences.

The Outcome:

How CERA App works and why it saves lives.

“[Feedback to the video] is always positive. Usually the comments are how the app looks very easy and it’s needed, which means the messaging is on point.”

 – Edward McGovern, Founder and CEO of CERA

The Result:




As of June 2023, CERA has raised $130,000 in investor funds. This explainer video was a key component in explaining the app’s impact and need, as well as securing funding from investors aligned with its mission. CERA’s Founder & CEO shares this video ahead of investor pitches and meetings with potential customers, such as schools and private sector businesses, to provide background and context about how the platform works.

More than 780,000 people are estimated to have seen portions of the video on major news outlets' websites, including MSN, CBS Miami, NBC6, and Spot On Florida. These segments were also broadcast on television throughout all of Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties when Founder and CEO Edward McGovern was interviewed on NBC’s “6 in the Mix” and CBS Miami.

CERA was deployed at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, where 200,000 attendees were kept safe during the 10-hour music festival in a 23-acre public park. CERA used the explainer video to help secure this festival as their first large-scale event. The app enabled law enforcement and security personnel to be alerted of incidents quickly and pinpoint where they were taking place, mitigating all situations and preventing major issues from erupting.

CERA App Creates Safer Events

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