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What is Content?

While we LOVE to tell stories through video, some stories are more effectively told through the written word. This is where content writing comes in!

Content is created to educate, entertain, and inspire your audience. It is highly valuable information, or what we like to call stories, that speaks to your audience's wants, needs, and pain points and also plays to their emotions. Content marketing is how we use these video or digital stories to build an organic relationship with your audience of high value.

We create video content, brand imagery, and social media content, but the written stories we tell complement those content types and are just as important.

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What Types of Content Do We Write?


Website Copy


Blogs & Articles


Email Newsletter Copy


Podcast Show Notes

Writing valuable stories is a collaborative effort that we ensure is unique to who
you are, while showcasing your expertise.

Here's Our 5 Step Process to Writing Great Content



We want to hear your story! We start with a questionnaire that you fill out first. Then we dive into the details during a 1-on-1 call with you to get a feel for your voice, your story, and how you work, so any content we write is 100% authentic to you.



We will also utilize our own research to find facts and figures to back up your story and substantiate the points we are making to your audience.



We combine your interview and our research to get words on the page.


Review & Edit

Here we work together to get your feedback, edit, refine, and perfect the content to fit your personality, your business, and your audience.



We don’t leave you hanging! Do you need your email newsletter designed and sent? Your blog posted to the web with images? We make sure your content doesn’t just live and die in a doc. We get your content in front of your audience.

Why do we write content?

The tone, voice, and message within your written content will vary depending on your business goals. Here are some of the key reasons why we write stories for your audience to read:

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Build Trust

You should be the trusted authority in your industry, a thought leader.


Your audience is looking for answers. If you're the one to educate them, they're more likely to buy from you.


When you entertain your audience, you build that “like” factor.


We're all about inspiration. Move them to take action through the impactful stories that you tell.


Spectrum Life Strategies - High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder Expert

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The Challenge:

Our client, Dr. Diane Adreon, was just getting her business off the ground when she began working with TB Media Group. She did not have any awareness established for her brand or any active clients. Her goal was to build an audience that she could cultivate relationships with, and book new clients for consultations.

What We Did:

Strategy Social Media Management



Dr. Diane Adreon is an incredibly knowledgeable, experienced professional. She is elite in her field, having published books and completed research on High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder. TB Media Group has worked in the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) space with other clients, and is familiar with the immense need for information for families and individuals who have autism. Our approach was to establish her as a thought leader in her industry through educational blog posts on her website that are shared to social media. We built a social media audience, solved their problems by providing access to information from an award-winning professional, and also drove them to her website, organically and through paid campaigns, and generated leads.

The Outcome:

Series of Educational Blogs on high-functioning Autism Created

blog post

They understood exactly what I am trying to convey. The pictures, postings & advice regarding blogs have contributed beautifully to the overall message.

Dr. Diane Adreon, Spectrum Life Strategies

They understood exactly what I am trying to convey. The pictures, postings & advice regarding blogs have contributed beautifully to the overall message.

Dr. Diane Adreon, Spectrum Life Strategies

The Result:

Viral Blog Brand Awareness Through Thought leadership



Dr. Adreon's educational and informational blogs established her as a thought leader in her field and her message went viral. We were also able to generate more brand awareness, web traffic, and engagement with her brand by showcasing her expertise. The main driver of this uptick was a combined paid and organic social media strategy around her informative and timely blog posts.

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