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Social Media Marketing

Stories and social media marketing go hand-in-hand.

That's our approach to social media marketing at TB Media Group. By now, we all know the power of social media in creating brand awareness, building relationships, and warming your leads. Oftentimes, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter are the first or second stops a potential client makes to learn more about who you are and what you do. And remember, they want to learn more not only to determine if you can solve their problems, but to see if you are the type of person they can like and trust.

If we're being honest, there's probably a lot of other companies that do what you do. But — they aren't YOU, and that's a good thing. At TB Media Group, we unlock your unique story and share it across your owned media channels so that your ideal customer has no doubt that it's you they want to work with, support, and buy from. Nothing pre-packaged. Nothing cookie-cutter.

Our organic approach to social media marketing is not selling. It is showcasing the uniqueness of your brand story, which leads to increased brand awareness, stronger relationships, and sales over time.

Social Media Marketing

Why Stories and Social Media Marketing?

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If you couldn't solve that very long math problem, Great Stories = More Clients.

Great stories are where we start and why we're different.

At TB Media Group, a Miami-based video and content marketing agency, we work with service-based social media marketing clients who are:

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Looking to grow organically over time

Ready to share their authentic story & build stronger relationships online

In need of increased brand awareness & visibility

Looking to save time creating content and posting

Ready to complement their public relations and paid media strategy with an owned media content strategy

We have a hands-on approach to your social media, ensuring the true you shines through online.

Here's our 6 Step Process to Implementing
and Managing Your Social Media Strategy


Develop Your Brand Story

We start by providing you a questionnaire to fill out and return to us. During our onboarding meeting, we deep dive into your responses, ask follow-up questions, and work with you to form your message points. This is your “why” that we’ll share with your audience. We continue to update and refine this as your business grows and evolves.


Storytelling & Content Strategy

Based on our interviews with you, we further develop the types of stories we will communicate and create a content marketing strategy for those stories. These message points will fit into several buckets and the overall goals we’ve outlined together.


Create Your Content

This is where you see the words and visuals come to life. We will write, create, and design social media posts that are visually in line with your brand. The content shared can include video content, audio content, graphics, images we take on a brand photoshoot, and/or blogs that are uploaded on your website.


Review, Edit, Approve, Schedule

You will review the content and its direction to make sure it is in line with your voice, as well as the story and strategy we’ve laid out. Edits are made based on your suggestions. We receive final approval and move into production, or scheduling and posting.


Engage With Your Audience

Just like in-person networking, building relationships on social media is a two-way street. We can handle engaging with your customers and potential clients several times per week, or we can give you the roadmap on how to do it yourself. We always recommend you have some degree of involvement when it comes to engaging with your audience.


Analytics Reports

Oh yes, we look at data and reports — and we get pretty fancy, too. We’ll show you what your best performing posts are, detail your growth patterns, analyze competitors, and how your followers are finding you. We analyze and adjust accordingly.

Once we get to the end of this process, we hit repeat. Social media is about showing up consistently and we make sure you do that.


Best Practices Title

Social Media Marketing Results

The Challenge:

Best Practices Title wanted to increase their following and brand awareness across their owned media channels, especially on social media. TB Media Group was tasked with showcasing their positive involvement in the community, and also creating messaging that stands out from the competition – avoiding boring facts and figures about title and escrow.

What We Did:

Strategy Social Media Marketing

Brand Photography




We wanted to create something different from what other title companies are sharing online – closing photos and stock images of signing documents. Our approach was to create more of a lifestyle brand for Best Practices Title that features our client, Giselle, at the helm. As a Miamian who has deep roots in South Florida and beyond, her knowledge and experience speaks for itself. We struck a balance between educating about the home closing process, sharing what she loves about South Florida, and the benefits of moving to or staying in the Sunshine State. We combined this lifestyle feel with her give-back initiatives and a cohesive aesthetic that reflects the colors of South Florida.

The Outcome:

We created vibrant content and a consistent social media schedule including specific campaigns like #FloridaLivingFridays and a charitable give-back campaign for local nonprofits.

Social Media Before and After

The Result:

Brand Awareness Engagement

Our client's growth (followers, impressions, engagements) skyrocketed in our first three months of working together. Organic engagements were up by over 1,000%, and her growth has remained consistent and constant with an extremely positive community sentiment as well as a beautiful, vibrant aesthetic.

First three months

First 3 Months

TB Media has been amazing to work with. They have a spectacular creative team which has helped speak to our brand while strategizing on being informative and relative.

Giselle Breto, Best Practices Title

TB Media has been amazing to work with. They have a spectacular creative team which has helped speak to our brand while strategizing on being informative and relative.

Giselle Breto, Best Practices Title

Community Feedback

Community Feedback


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