Elevating Employee Engagement Through Inclusive Narratives

The Challenge:

Fiserv, a leading global fintech company, sought to enhance engagement and communication for specific programming within their Black Employee Resource Group (ERG) - SOAR, to continue its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. Turning to TB Media Group for their video production and storytelling expertise, Fiserv wanted to commemorate Juneteenth with a suite of unique, educational videos that would support their company-wide virtual programming. Our challenge was to create video content that would educate employees about Juneteenth's historical significance, initiate discussions on the wealth gap, and celebrate the unique contributions of their workforce. A unique consideration we had throughout this project was how to develop the content remotely while engaging diverse employees throughout their different US locations.

What We Did:




To create a multifaceted solution for Fiserv's Juneteenth programming, TB Media Group employed a meticulous and comprehensive approach. This included crafting a historically rich video that blended archival footage, compelling narration, and personal stories, all rooted in extensive research and subject matter expertise to ensure historical accuracy and depth. Additionally, TB Media Group conducted interviews with a diverse group of employees, enabling them to share their heartfelt personal stories, experiences, and aspirations, resulting in an inspiring employee highlight video. TB Media Group also produced an engaging "True-False Panel" video, featuring Fiserv employees discussing the strides made by African-Americans today, including access to capital, home ownership, and entrepreneurship. This interactive format encouraged self-reflection on knowledge and biases while fostering open dialogue, collectively achieving the goal of educating, engaging, and inspiring Fiserv's workforce on Juneteenth.

The Outcome:

Nonfiction video content that inspired, educated, and connected a distributed workforce, like this video we produced, The History of Juneteenth:

The video was fun to watch! Thank you! Real people! Real stories! Amazing!!

Vice President, Global Sales and Client Relationships at Fiserv

The Result:



Have Black Americans Reached Economic Equality? True | False Video:

The collaborative efforts between Fiserv and TB Media Group for their Juneteenth programming created positive outcomes:

  • Education and Awareness: The historical Juneteenth video effectively educated employees about the significance of the day, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for African American history.
  • Dialogue and Engagement: The True-False Panel video encouraged meaningful discussions about the wealth gap, promoting empathy and awareness of financial disparities.
  • Employee Recognition: The Personal Employee Highlight video celebrated the diverse voices within Fiserv, reinforcing the importance of individual contributions to the organization’s success.
  • Positive Feedback: Fiserv received overwhelmingly positive feedback from employees, who praised the Juneteenth programming for its educational and inspirational value.

The ERG members who have been interviewed absolutely love participating and see so much value in the videos. Antoinette Rene, a product manager in Fiserv’s legal department, said she “thoroughly enjoyed” learning from the true-false game and felt “energized” afterwards. 

KiKi Cafero, co-leader of the SOAR ERG and the manager of the company’s learning management system, appreciates that Fiserv hired TB Media Group, a business owned by a Black woman, for these video projects. 

“It wasn’t that long ago that this was unheard of, so being able to sit with someone who owns their own business who’s a woman of color really does make a difference when we’re talking about something as important as Juneteenth from a historical perspective,” she praised. “This makes me filled with joy. It was a great experience.”

Creating a workplace that is inclusive and welcoming directly impacts employee engagement, sentiment, and retention. Fiserv was named one of America’s best employers in 2023 by Forbes. These videos play a role by making employees feel seen and heard.

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