Tamika Bickham

Tamika Bickham

Founder, CEO, and Creative Director

Tamika Bickham is an award-winning broadcast journalist, creative director, and podcast host, touting over 15 years in front of and behind the camera. With a remarkable track record of hosting and reporting over 3,000 hours of live broadcast TV, and producing/directing over 2,500 videos, Tamika's expertise is undeniable.

As the Founder and CEO of MBE-certified firm, TB Media Group, she leads a nonfiction video production studio that specializes in crafting long-form, documentary-style content for CSR & ESG leaders. Tamika's talent for distilling complex information into engaging, clear, concise visual stories has garnered her recognition, including the ABBY for Best Feature in journalism and multiple Hermes Creative Awards for her podcast hosting and creative directing skills.

Tamika is also an experienced event emcee, speaker, and panel moderator. Her unique combination of journalistic flair, on-stage charisma, and executive expertise guarantees a dynamic, engaging, and high-impact event.

What is your favorite TBMG project you've worked on and why?

UVI HBCU Basketball Classic. It had all of the ingredients of a fun project: trips to USVI, a challenging goal, a lot of moving parts, and creative freedom.

What is your favorite wellness ritual and why?

I have a new one! Daily vitamins.

What is your favorite thing about being part of the TBMG team?

Collaboration and Camaraderie! It's nice to have thought partnership with the team. We all work really well together and they remind me that I'm not in it alone!

What is your favorite episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories?

The first one because it meant that my vision came to fruition! I also really loved interviewing Brooke Goldner. She was my inspiration for the podcast.

What are your hobbies?

A good workout either boxing, cycling, or lifting weights. Going to Canes football games. Exploring new restaurants and waterfront bars around Miami. I also love kayaking in the winter in Miami!