Be Your Own Newsroom

Although journalists take pride in reporting the facts, they also, at times, take creative liberties to spin a story a certain way to catch the attention of readers or viewers. This may sensationalize a story. One story can be told from an infinite amount of angles, as you have likely observed as a consumer. Each newspaper, website, or television news station tells the same story differently.

It is your responsibility as a representative of your company or brand to scoop the press. Be your own storyteller so your story is told the way you want it told. Once you release control, your narrative can get twisted.

If you know your company is about to make headlines, release a statement before being asked for one. Get in the driver’s seat and take the lead.

By being your own newsroom, constantly crank out content. Be the go-to resource for all things “you”. Create a loyal following, build a reputation, and gain trust. Write articles and/or blog pieces consistently about your business or industry. Why? Your audience wants to hear from you and nowadays, you can talk to them directly. A good place to share your content is not only on your website and newsletter, but also on your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Create short video packages that consist of on-camera interviews with someone from within your organization who has a compelling story to tell about a breakthrough they’ve made or an interesting project they’re working on. Avoid the video being only a talking head, or an interview. Show action shots of the interview subject doing whatever it is that they do and the products they are making or using. Variety is key to hold the attention of viewers.

Have all of the materials (articles, photos, and videos) you’ve created readily available in one place for actual members of the media to retrieve and download.