Use Social Media As a Tool to Show the BTS of Company Dynamic

If you are in business, you probably know that people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. If you are trying to win a new client or partnership, there are likely going to be several other equally qualified companies bidding for the same gig. What is going to set you a part? It could come down to multiple deciding factors, but often times, it is determined by personalities meshing well together.

Winning new clients, requires winning their trust. Open your doors and de-fog your windows. Invite outsiders inside the walls of your office to reveal the behind-the-scenes of your company’s dynamic. Showcase your company culture…birthday celebrations, Halloween costume parties, happy hours, catered lunches, staff outings to a ballgame, and other things of that sort. Do you have an office dog or bring-your-dog-to-work policy? Highlight that on social media. Most people like a cute puppy photo. #DogsOfInstagram

Potential customers should learn something about you or your company on social media that they can’t learn on your website. By showcasing the fact that your company has a positive work environment on social media, your audience will start to know who you really are. Over time, you’ll see an influx of inquiries from people interested in working for you or with you. The photos and videos and accompanying captions you post should be authentic and display how hard working, fun, or creative you are that everyone will want a place at your table. If you treat your staff to donuts on National Donut Day, get it up on the ‘gram to make your followers “jelly.”

Highlight individuals within your company who have achieved a milestone, been promoted, were recently hired, or are an outstanding intern. Perhaps select an employee of the week or a star of the month. Prospective employees and business partners want to see that current employees are appreciated and treated well.  Use the Instagram story feature to show what a day-in-the-life is like for certain positions within your company. People like to take a walk in someone else’s shoes. This also works when featuring client stories and testimonials, if they are willing and able to participate. (hey! why not? free promotion for them too!)

Social media can also showcase how your staff gives back to the community in a philanthropic manner. During the holidays, post a photo of how much food you collected for a food pantry. Or, during back-to-school season, collect school supplies and pack backpacks. Those are all things that can easily be done in your office. If there is time and interest, companies can document their participation at a volunteer or fundraising event outside of work.

Form a team to participate in a walk/run that raises money for a noble cause. This could double as a company’s promotion of a healthy lifestyle. If your workplace has a softball or kickball team, make sure to show the camaraderie between colleagues on the field. A high-five on the sideline could turn into a handshake in the boardroom. Create a fun fitness challenge amongst the staff to encourage people to exercise and have a work-life balance.

Why is this important? It creates conversations with your online audience, shows who you authentically are, and over time builds trust with your audience. So start sharing! We want to see who you really are.