How Video Can Help Your Company’s Internal Communication Pain Points

Are your employees feeling disengaged or unexcited? Internal communication is a challenge for many businesses, so we wanted to round up a few creative ways that we can help!

While facts and figures are useful for reports, communicating your brand’s mission and values is better left to video content. Why? Video content is currently the most popular format across every digital platform!

Not to mention it’s a fun, entertaining, informative, and personal way to communicate your brand’s values and mission to your employees.

When TB Media Group works with Human Resources and Employee Resource Groups, we perform project-based work through:

  • Employee engagement campaigns
  • Event video production & photography
  • Recruitment videos & campaigns

We combine our professional video production services, creative storytelling, and marketing expertise to capture your team’s attention and inspire them to work towards a common goal, foster employee engagement and loyalty, and partner in marketing campaigns and programming. 


If you have these goals in mind, but still can’t decide whether to hire an internal team or outsource, keep this in mind:

Internal teams are nice to have, but are ultimately costly and time-consuming to manage with little to no flexibility to business needs and budget. 

Outsourcing to a marketing agency can provide a fresh perspective, diverse skill set, and cost-effective solutions with the ability to scale up or down based on business needs and budget. 

At TB Media Group, we have expert storytellers with backgrounds in marketing and journalism who are passionate about delivering results and elevating your brand’s content.

As an agency, we know what we bring to the table is seamlessly blending marketing, professional video production, and storytelling to elevate content across platforms. 

Whether it’s for training, onboarding, or internal communication, our video services can help you overcome communication barriers and get your team excited about working for your company.