TB Media Group’s Goals and Intentions for 2024

New year. New energy. 

Since this is the time of year we’re all usually thinking about goals or our intentions for the year, our CEO Tamika shares with us a few goals, commitments, and feelings that have been on her mind. Plus, we asked our team members to share their word of the year for 2024. Keep scrolling through to see what everyone had to say.

“After the year that 2023 was, the first goal or commitment that comes to mind for me is creativity or creation. As somebody who enjoys creating, I know that you need to have time and spaciousness in order to be creative or learn or find new ways to be creative. And honestly, I don’t know about you, but for me, 2023 was a year of putting out fires. And when you’re putting out fires, you do not have spaciousness to be creative and focus on building or growing or creating something really awesome or new.

So I’m really excited about next year because there’s going to be some really cool opportunities to be creative in the year. I think in order to have the inspiration to create and be creative, you have to have some sort of balance. 

Balance is another commitment I have for next year. And I know so many of us in business or as entrepreneurs are not so great at that. The word balance, and I don’t mean a 50-50 balance, but just some sort of balance between personal life and business life. Which, I think, will help open the doors for creativity. I don’t know exactly what that looks like, but I’m working on trying to map that out. 

My third point, commitment or feeling or goal for 2024, is focus. In order to have balance, you’ve got to have laser focus on what needs to be done and what does not need to be done, what you need to say yes to and what you need to say no to. I think I’m good with focus, but like so many of us, we can get distracted and pulled in many directions. I want to hone in on that focus in 2024 and be unapologetic about where I need to be focused. 

What are your goals or commitments for 2024?” – Tamika

“I don’t want to approach 2024 doing anything by just ticking it off a list. I want to do it intentionally.” – Peta Williams, Account & Project Manager at TB Media Group

“We’ve got a lot of momentum going into the year, so I see it going all the way through the year. A thrilling year.” – Karen Covey, Administrative Assistant at TB Media Group

“I want to take my time and have time to be creative. I want to make time for hobbies I put on the back burner in 2024. I have fun by being creative.” – Sydney Septoski, Marketing Manager at TB Media Group

“It’s going to be a great year, like a roller coaster ride!” – Jennifer Beam, SEO Specialist at TB Media Group

“I tend to rush through life. I want to go through my 2024 with grace and intention. Just thinking a little bit more before I make a decision.” – Kira Gavalakis, Copywriter at TB Media Group

“I’m pretty good at getting myself into a routine, but it’s also so easy for me to fall out of one. I’d like to stick to a routine a little bit better.” – Melody Keilig, Copywriter at TB Media Group

“The definition of bold says, ‘showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous,’ which are all things I’m going to have to lean into more than ever in 2024.” – Tamika Bickham, CEO at TB Media Group

“I have a lot I’d like to learn, understand, and grow into next year. A lot of change will be happening, but growing is always for the best.” – Daisy Robinson, Graphic Designer at TB Media Group