Personal Style Dos and Don’ts…For Every Scenario!

By Tamika Bickham and Brooke Bortell

When it comes to your personal style it’s important to showcase your individuality and maintain your authenticity, while building your brand. As you gain more visibility for your personal brand from the stage, on camera, or by hosting or attending events – there are a few DOs & DON’Ts you may want to consider to show up looking and feeling your best.

We’ve turned this resource into an on-the-go checklist that you can save and keep handy.

Scenario #1: Video or Photoshoot:

DO: Break Up Patterns with Solid Colors

For example, pair solid pants or a jacket with your fun pattern!

DO: Avoid Black and White

Depending on set background and your skin tone, these colors can create a high contrast that isn’t always appealing on-camera.

DON’T: Wear Stripes and Tight Patterns

It can create an undesired moiré effect.

DON’T: Wear Distracting Accessories

Especially when speaking on camera. For example, certain jewelry can create interference with audio.

Scenario #2: On Stage:

DO: Have Fun with Accessories!

DO: Familiarize yourself with the stage/lighting color scheme to avoid clashing.

DON’T: Wear Black

Photo source:

DON’T: Be afraid to go bigger!

If you are in a crowded room, you want to attract the attention of people who may be sitting all the way in the back.

Scenario #3: Networking & Events:

DO: Incorporate a Signature Item / Accessory

DO: Stand Out (Be Memorable!)

Photo source: Getty / Forbes

DON’T: Forget About Comfort

DON’T: Neglect to Iron or Steam Your Outfit

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