Raise Money Through Vlogging

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When your co-worker’s daughter comes to your office with the Girl Scout Cookie order form, do you have the heart to say, “No?” Um, of course not! Her puppy dog eyes and pigtails will win you over for a pantry-full of Thin Mints, Trefoils, and Do-si-dos every year.

At some point as an adult, you’re likely going to be raising money for a cause important to you. Maybe you’re participating in a 10K for a charity, for example. But, those same tactics you employed as a whippersnapper are a bit juvenile. You’re not going to go door-to-door or office-to-office asking for donations.

What you can do is record a video to post on your social media channels. This’ll add the personal touch about why the cause is important to you, what the money is going towards, and why you decided to get involved. Do you have a family member inflicted with the illness you are raising money to find a cure for? If so, include images and personal memories of them. Make a connection between you and your viewing audience. Expressing emotion will evoke emotion in the watcher and before ya know it, they’ll be reaching for a tissue and their credit card.

Encourage your followers to not only contribute, but to share your video so their followers can also donate to the cause. Video posted on social generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined, according to data provided by Simply Measured for M Booth. Your fundraiser could wind up going viral and you could get donations from friends of friends of friends you don’t even know! Remember how successful the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was?! An astronomical 92% of people who watch video on mobile devices will click the share button.

If you have a personal or business newsletter, include the fundraising video in that. Newsletters containing videos have an increased click-through rate of 96% over newsletters containing only text entries, reports WordStream. Don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity that video provides to raise money and awareness for non-profits near and dear to your heart.