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Experienced, Savvy Event Host & Storyteller

Who Tamika Is

As a kid, she passed up cartoons for Dateline. Today, she’ll choose documentaries over movies. You might have seen Tamika Bickham pounding the pavement as a local TV news reporter & anchor. Now, she’s an event host, speaker, trainer, keynote speaker, agency owner, and storyteller, helping brands connect with their audiences and communities through their unique story.

Tamika Bickham's Cat
Sky turned me into a cat person from the day I picked him up at just 4 weeks old. He always seems to know when I need a laugh, a cuddle, or a break from work. I’m proud to be his human.
Tamika with her Mom on Jetski
My mom is my best friend. She’s also the most energetic and organized person I know, which is why she’s also our administrator. Glad to be her daughter, and I’ll tell you, she’s hard to keep up with!
My closest friends call me “Meeks." But my friends who know me really well -- know I’m able to fall asleep wherever and whenever, so “Sleepy Meeks” is also a fit.

Fun Facts About Tamika


Health, Happiness, and Human Connection are essential to me.


I went whole-foods, plant-based in 2019 and it changed my life.


I used to be a competitive bodybuilder.


I once went undercover as a homeless man and woman for an investigative story..


I am a cat mom to my siamese cat, sky.

Tamika with Camera On

Who Tamika Speaks To

Female Leaders.

Tamika inspires and empowers female leaders to find their voice and tell their stories with authenticity and impact.

From training leaders on how to fire up their personal branding through UKG sessions to partnering with female-led and social-justice organizations through her agency, her work has helped dozens of female leaders and female-led organizations make intentional changes in how they get their voices heard.

Black ERGs.

Having worked with countless black resource groups (ERGs) to help them amplify their voices and create meaningful change within their organizations, Tamika strongly believes in the importance of how clear storytelling can help elevate representation and inclusion in the workplace.

Corporate Executive Leaders & Citizenship.

Corporate executive leaders have looked to Tamika to help them develop their storytelling strategies to align with their company’s values and mission in a way that resonates with employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Nonprofit Leaders.

Tamika’s ongoing collaborations with corporate social responsibility (CSR), employee resource groups (ERGs), human resources (HR), and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives have helped create impactful, moving narratives to the voices who are most often left behind.

CSR, ERG, HR & DEI Leaders.

Nonprofit leaders have an important responsibility to constantly emphasize their organization’s internal and external stakeholders. Tamika’s collaborations with nonprofit leaders have helped them clarify their message so they can clearly communicate it in grants, presentations, galas, and other noteworthy assets events.

Social Media Marketing


Inspire, motivate and educate your audience to make your event memorable and impactful with Tamika as your keynote speaker! Combining the power of storytelling with visual media, your audience will learn how to shape social impact narratives specific to your organization.

Shaping Your Social Impact Story Through Visual Media

This keynote focuses on the inspiring exploration of the role of video in shaping impactful social impact stories, uncovering the secrets behind compelling video narratives specifically for CSR and nonprofit leaders.

What your audience will learn:

  • How to craft compelling narratives. Tamika shares her experience on-air and the strategies she’s learned to produce visual content for her clients to teach your audience how to develop the skills to create emotionally resonant and impactful social impact stories that can be adapted to various visual mediums.
  • How to align video storytelling with your CSR goals. Learn how to strategically align video content with your organization’s corporate social responsibility objectives so you can spread your message far and wide.
  • How to engage and mobilize your audience to take action: Specific techniques to engage an audience (in-person or online) through your video storytelling, mobilizing them towards mirroring and amplifying positive social change.
Tamika on her Phone
Tamika at her Table


Beyond Words: Elevate Your Voice Through On-Camera Mastery

Are on-camera presentation skills really that important if you don’t do it for a living? (Answer: yes!) Get your team training from a former news anchor with over 3,000 live hours on television– specifically, how to translate your passion for your organization into a clear, resonant on-camera performance.

In turn, you’ll learn how to increase your organization’s impact, exposure and reach by sharing your mission and influence with clarity.

There are two tracks available for this training: Storytelling and Delivery.

Storytelling Track

In this track, you’re focusing mainly on the storytelling part of on-camera mastery, including the messaging, the script, and the editing of your visual story.

In this track, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify your authentic story: You have lots of ideas and concepts that you want to talk about– but for a clear story, your audience only needsone. You’ll identify the one winning concept at the root of your story to focus your project on.
  • Write your script: Now that you have your concept, you’ll learn how to write a video script that’s easy for your speaker to speak and easy for your audience to understand.
  • Gain confidence through on-camera speaking: Learn how to command attention and influence through on-camera speaking, stepping out of your head and connecting with the message you’ve created.
  • Elicit emotional impact through editing and visuals: Understand the post-production storytelling process through the synergy of your spoken word with engaging visuals. You’ll also learn how to paint pictures across various digital mediums (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook) with these videos and how to maintain a comfortable, receptive and open disposition in front of the camera moving forward.

Delivery Track

This track hones in on your on-camera presence, encompassing public speaking, attire, physical presentation, and other skills for delivering a message to an audience.

In this track, you’ll learn to:

  • Polish your on-camera speaking skills for impact: You’ll learn the deeper purpose behind on-camera tactics, like tone, inflection, and pacing to convey authenticity, capture attention, and connect with your audience.
  • Deliver your script or speaking points confidently: You’ll gain the tools you need to prepare for an on-camera filming day or speaking engagement, including using relaxation and focusing techniques so you always feel prepared and excited.
  • Problem-solving (aka, what to do when sh*t hits the fan!): Equip yourself with problem-solving strategies for when those unforeseen problems happen and ensure a smooth and professional delivery even in challenging situations.

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