Unlock stories that matter. Who we work with at TB Media Group.

As a nonfiction video production studio, we work with brands who believe in doing good. Making an impact in this world is so much more than the services or products we sell. Are you with us?

See who we work with and how we work with them to communicate their impactful work in this world.

Marketing Departments

Build brand awareness and brand loyalty through brand-funded original video.

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie that gave you chills? There’s something extraordinary about the way stories impact us. We can enjoy the story when, suddenly, we’re hit with a rush of emotion at a turn.

We laugh, cry, and experience these emotions because of “psychological realism,” which makes us feel the story as if it’s our own. Simply put, we know a great story when we feel it. 

So, how can you use storytelling to build a loyal audience and drive business growth? It’s all about connecting to the audience and engaging with your content.

Storytelling can help you create emotional connection, build your brand’s authority, and inspire your audience to take action. We interview our clients to know their values, goals, and mission inside and out to allow the story to reveal itself. A great story is never forced; that’s why we want every one of our client’s authentic selves to shine bright during our video production process. 

HR Teams and Employee Resource Groups

Recruit, educate, and build employee engagement.

While facts and figures are useful for reports, communicating your brand’s mission and values is better left to video content. Why? Video content is currently the most popular format across every digital platform! 

Not to mention it’s a fun, entertaining, informative, and personal way to communicate your brand’s values and mission to your employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility Leaders

If you think corporate responsibility is just lip service, think again. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has a tremendous impact on how the public perceives you.

Most customers today expect businesses to do more than just provide products and services.

In fact, a 2019 survey from Aflac found that 77% of consumers are committed to buying from companies that are dedicated to making the world a better place.

This means that great service and solid products are the bare minimum. Today, your brand needs to stand for something.

Corporate responsibility isn’t just a trend; it’s a necessity and we love partnering with companies that are making this world a better place.

Communicate and demonstrate your “do good” efforts with impactful video storytelling.

Nonprofit Leaders

Fundraise for your cause, and use video to apply for and fulfill grant requirements.

Your organization is committed to taking real action, but very few inside or outside of your company may seem to know about it. Few are reading the data points in your report, and savvy consumers can see right through inauthentic messaging and content.

Your commitment to social impact should be celebrated! It can also build long-term trust and brand loyalty among employees, consumers, investors, and board members, but communicating it in the wrong way can backfire – and you’re stuck trying to strike the right balance.

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