What makes our team nerd out?

Hey, nerds! We all have that one thing (or a few things) in our lives that we can nerd out about, even when nobody else seems to understand. On our team, there’s plenty of things we do in each of our roles that awaken our inner nerd. From research to video software, we’re always learning and adding skills to our roster. 

Check out what the team had to share about what they nerd out about! 

“SEO Powersuite, ContextMind, bunch of software options. I’m full nerd.”

– Jennifer Beam, SEO Specialist at TB Media Group

“When it comes to Marketing, I definitely nerd out on the new updates, platforms, and tools that are always coming out! Things are always changing in the digital space, and I love being able to click around and find my way through new features and spaces, you never know what new tricks you can find.”

– Sydney Septoski, Marketing Manager at TB Media Group

“When I’m compiling information for copy and get to interview someone, I love it when they say a quote that perfectly encapsulates the details. They may think it’s nothing, but I see the perfect puzzle piece finally going into place!” 

– Melody Keilig, Copywriter at TB Media Group

“When it comes to design, I get so excited when I find the perfect asset to what I’ve been looking for. Whether it be a font, a stock photo, illustration, or a new software that makes my job easier, there’s always a big grin on my face when it’s complete.”

– Daisy Robinson, Graphic Designer at TB Media Group

“I definitely nerd out about anything that can save the team the most amount of time. Anything that can help us be efficient individually or as a team. That can look like.. somewhere to look at all tasks.. like airtable or a calendar software I have set up on my tablet to track every single due date.”

– Peta Williams, Account & Project Manager at TB Media Group

“I nerd out over piecing interviews together to create a cohesive script. I love slicing and dicing sound bites, or finding the right intonation that creates for a nice transition or flow of the piece. I also love music, and the way it sets the tone for a video and helps a piece come to life. Two different songs can make the same visuals in a story feel totally different. This is where the creative part comes to life!”

– Tamika Bickham, CEO of TB Media Group

“I am more analytical, so I nerd out over the numbers, making sure the financial accounts reconcile.” 

– Karen Covey, Administrative Assistant at TB Media Group

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