Your Quickstart On-Camera Toolkit


We’ve turned this resource into an on-the-go checklist that you can save and keep handy for the next time you get ready to speak on camera.

Checklist: 5 Things You Should Do Before You Hit Record

Have you ever hit record and shot an entire 30-minute video to only find out at the end that your cat was sleeping in the background or there was no audio? It happens. Follow these pro tips to avoid it from ever happening again.

3 Tips To Improve Your On-Camera Performance

Practice makes perfect! Yes, we’ve all heard that before, but there are more actionable steps you can take to accelerate your growth as you get more visible speaking on camera. Actively practice these three tips that will help you get more comfortable, appear more natural, while enhancing your on-camera delivery.

3 Tools I Love For Shooting Video Solo

Don’t have anyone to help you shoot your video content? If you’re solo, I’ve got you covered! Don’t have professional gear? That shouldn’t be the reason you don’t get started sharing your story on camera. Here are three of my favorite inexpensive, easy-to-use tools to get started on-camera today.

  1. Standing Ring Light – Buy It Here!
  2. Sturdy Cell Phone Tripod – Buy It Here!
  3. Portable Ring Light – Buy It Here!

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