Amplifying Giving: Impact Storytelling Drives Fundraising for UM-NSU CARD’s Cause

The Challenge:

Produce an annual gala fundraiser video honoring the 2020 awardee for her contribution to the autism community in South Florida. Create a message that not only recognizes the story and success of the award-winner, but also showcases how UM-NSU CARD contributed to their success.

What We Did:


Video Production

We wanted to ensure this video contained messaging that the client could use more than once. Oftentimes, fundraiser videos are so specific to one event or one message - making them a "one and done" project. Instead of only honoring the award-winner and her incredible sacrifices and contributions to South Florida's autism community, we tied the overall message back to her experience with the UM-NSU CARD. This organization supports, mentors, and guides other leaders in the autism community to be champions for this cause. The resounding message throughout was, "CARD can't do it alone," and by supporting CARD, you are extending the reach and impact this organization has in South Florida and beyond.

The Outcome:


Over the past few months we were able to raise $396,547 so far for Tropical Nights, one of our most successful years to date. This is more than we could have ever imagined for 2020!

Michelle Costa, UM-NSU CARD

The Result:


Dollars Donated

TB Media Group produced this fundraising video that was part of a larger 30-minute live virtual event on Facebook. The event received over 2,500 views, nearly 400 comments, and over 35 shares, but most importantly, was the driver of a portion of funds raised for this annual event, which totaled $396,547. See below for some of the comments from participants tuning into the video in real-time.

Video Production GIF

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