When and How To Work With TB Media Group in 2024!

What do we do as a nonfiction content studio? Serve as the gateway to authentic brand video storytelling! 

Using our key strategies, we curate creative nonfiction stories that showcase your brand and speak to your target audience.

We utilize documentary-style interviews, compelling visuals, and professional narration, highlighting your brand’s unique strengths and authenticity. Our team produces various types of video content like long-form impact videos, educational videos, and event videos for Chief Content Officers, CEOs, nonprofit fundraisers, and CSR leaders.

Telling stories doesn’t stop at video content, either! We take a journalistic approach to our photography, documenting events and behind-the-scenes content that’s more than meets the eye. 

Here are 4 ways to work with our team in 2024.

  1. Impact Storytelling & Marketing Strategy – We understand your why and your how, develop your messaging, and your marketing strategy. This is a turn-key playbook so your team can take it and run with it.
  2. Nonfiction Video Production & Content Creation – After we’ve discovered our story angles and opportunities, developed a strategy, then we bring it all to life in a visual and engaging way. If you want your impact to not only be seen but also felt in a way that inspires action – this is for you.
  3. Social Impact Marketing Campaign – Your authentic story and your content are only as good as who sees them. Do you want to make a splash with your message in the digital space? Or boost engagement with your employees, driving recruitment and retention? Or maybe drive a fundraising goal? We will plan and execute the organic marketing elements of the campaign for maximum impact.
  4. Storytelling & Speaking Training – We prepare teams to tell their stories and speak on camera in preparation of our shoots and on an ongoing basis as they implement impact storytelling as part of their marketing strategy. Let’s empower your organizations’ ambassadors.

And the year is not over yet! Watch the video below to learn how to work with me and my team in 2024, and to find out when my clients usually reach out to partner together.

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