Where We’re Heading in Our 9th Year of Business

Last year we celebrated 8 incredible years of TB Media Group. As we continue into our 9th, here’s where we’re heading with our services, team, and thought leadership.

1. Service

This year, what we’re really looking at continuing to do more around storytelling and strategy is continuing to be our client’s strategic partner and thought partner. We saw a lot in 2023 that sometimes people think of a video or a piece of content as something that fits into a certain box. Ultimately, we want to understand your business goals, your business needs, what challenges you’re facing, and how any messaging and content we’re creating around that is helping to drive you closer to your desired goal. By working on strategy alone, or strategy with the execution of producing video content, we’re able to help tell your story, share the social impact that you;re making in the world, and further your business goals. 

2. Team

When it comes to our team, our team is awesome. We are probably looking to add one to our team in the very near future. Our team is one of our CEO, Tamika’s, biggest successes in business. She says, “I think a lot of times you will hear entrepreneurs or business owners talk about team or people and everything that comes along with hiring and all of that being probably one of the hardest things when it comes to business. And it makes me really proud to know the people that are working alongside me and supporting me.” In 2024, we’re excited to have our strong team on our side.

3. Thought Leadership

One of our biggest areas of growth this year is our speaking and training services, and helping others to get more comfortable on camera and sharing their stories. Whether it’s on camera, on zoom, or in front of a stage, we’re happy to help them draft and take ownership of their narrative.

In addition, something we’ve wanted to do for a while is to bring together more thought leaders in the social impact  and CSR space. We’re looking forward to having more conversations with these leaders about what their initiatives are, what they’re focused on, and why those things are important and needed in our communities. 

We look forward to growing with you all together in 2024!