Hear from our team: What are some of our favorite projects?

Hey there, don’t mind us! We’re still celebrating our amazing 5 years. 

All this celebration got us thinking about the power of collaboration and how it means everything to us!

Without collaboration—there are no results.

It’s with this approach we’ve uncovered meaningful stories, made a significant impact in our community, and brought to life our team’s favorite projects over the years.

Keep scrolling to join in on the fun as we share some of these all-time favorites!

Tamika Bickham, Founder, CEO, and Creative Director

“One of my favorites was the UVI project because it proved our ability to be creative in new ways, work quickly and in an innovative way, and drive results — all for a project that shined a spotlight on a lesser known HBCU, launched a new initiative, and of course traveling to the USVI was a great perk too!”

Melody Keilig, Copywriter

“I enjoyed writing for the Miami New Times x Pioneer Winter Ad Campaign. PWC’s visuals are strong, bold, and captivating, so it makes my creative soul happy to bring those visuals back to their mission of inclusivity in performance art.”

Jessica Chavers, Media Relations Specialist

“Collaborating with Hope4Med on the ‘Road Ahead’ event, guiding recent graduates in the medical field. It was truly heartwarming to see these professionals pouring their wisdom and encouragement into the next generation.”

Sydney Septoski, Marketing Operations Manager

“One of my favorite projects was the UVI tournament. Being on-site, I loved seeing everything come together for this event and experiencing its impact firsthand. We heard from students, coaches, staff, and community members. Our team did an excellent job creating a strategy for a unique audience, and the visual branding process was incredibly enjoyable!”

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