Lessons From Our 5 Years in Business

Being in business is a journey. This October, TB Media Group has been in business full-time for 5 years. 

But it all started as a side hustle in 2016, when we worked with our first ever client to produce a mini-documentary. 

It was the first time we saw the impact of video storytelling first-hand and what that truly means for our communities. 

…and it was also the catalyst that led us to where we are today.

Check out this video to hear more about it!

Having a business as a side hustle is very different from building a business that is your primary income and also supporting team members.

So looking back at making that leap 5 years ago…is there anything that Tamika would do differently?

YES! Watch this video to see what…

When Tamika looks at the last 5 years full-time in business, she can name one of her biggest successes as a business owner. Watch this video to see what it is.

Every year, success, and challenge is a learning lesson. What has Tamika learned in this most recent year of business and where are we headed next?

In this video, she covers what we’re focused on including:

  • Services
  • Team
  • Thought Leadership

This journey is not for the faint of heart, but if you are willing to keep learning, growing, and adapting – the journey can be an enriching one!