Time Management for Video Production

As an Executive Producer, I know how to maximize the hell out of a day (or two). Have a lot to accomplish in a photo or video shoot? Here’s how I do it while still maintaining the highest quality in the end result. ⬇️

On our recent shoot at University of the Virgin Islands, we had to capture 25+ people in 5 locations – in one 9-hour day. Oh yes, and we were creating content for multiple platforms and uses.

Here’s my process:
1️⃣ What is the primary goal? The answer is ONLY one. You can repurpose for other mediums, but you must have one primary goal. No exceptions.

In this case, we were shooting for a calendar – which means I knew the number of images we needed to have, that they needed to be landscape (or horizontal) photos for layout with space for copy, and diversity of images. (No one wants to see the same photo on every page of a calendar)

2️⃣ Schedule scenes (people, locations, looks, vibe, etc.) with PLENTY of extra time built in. If you are new to this, it will always, always take longer than you think. Double the time you think it will take for each shot (or scene) to be safe.

3️⃣ Meat and potatoes! This is my favorite term I used in TV news with my photographers. We all like to get creative on shoots, BUT get your meat and potatoes first – aka what you determined you were going to capture in step 1. Then, you can go back and add some sides and dessert if you have extra time. But you don’t want to run out of time without your main course.

In this case, we shot first for those stunning calendar images we wanted. Then, as we had extra time – we left space for creative, spontaneous moments. This could be content for the calendar, or it could be something we use later for their social media campaign or other print materials.

4️⃣ If you have extra hands with you – make sure to capture #BTS photos and videos, this can include something like a timelapse.

I used the time when I was not needed to provide direction to capture interviews (on my cell) with the student athletes, as well as cell phone photos/videos. Since we are creating social content, we wanted information we can pair with the photos and videos. Having a recording of their words is time efficient.

Bonus tip 💡: If you really want to have a ton of content to repurpose, shoot on the heavy side – and you’ll have plenty to pull from for multiple mediums.