Don’t Tell Your Story Alone

How an Executive Producer Can Take Your Video Production from Good to Great

Executive Producer

There are so many variables to consider when producing a high quality video: crew, talent, scripts, gear, timelines, creative vision, messaging, and of course, budget. What comes first, next, and last? Who is the right person to help me achieve my goals? What are my goals for the project? 

In fact, you may have reached out to a videographer or a production company in the past – almost certain that you knew what you wanted to only be peppered by questions you had NO IDEA how to answer. I get it. At TB Media Group, we’re usually the ones asking those in-depth questions. Before long, you may have stalled, not sure of the direction you wanted to go because you didn’t know which way would take you to your desired destination.

Have you ever felt this way before when it comes to producing video?

This is where an Executive Producer comes in.

EPs are considered the CEO of your video project. We pull all of those elements together for you and help you design the vision of your video story. We provide the roadmap that will ultimately get you to your end result, while keeping the project on time and on budget.

Video productions always require multiple moving parts, especially in the work that we do at TB Media Group. We don’t just point and shoot, or edit a sizzle reel together of the best shots set to music. (We know, yes – there’s a time and a place for those videos!) What we do is tell stories, create direction, and draft messaging that is engaging, and ultimately inspires action in your audience – the type of action you want them to take.

What does all of this mean, you ask?

Let me break it down for you. There are certain video projects that you will want and need an executive producer for, and some that won’t require it.

You need an Executive Producer if:

  • You don’t want to manage all aspects of your project. You likely are a busy CEO, entrepreneur, or executive, which means you don’t have time to be a project manager.
  • Your video requires vision! You know where you want to go, but you want collaborative input on how to get there. EPs think outside of the box, are creative, and can guide the project in a practical, yet creative way.
  • Your project requires depth. At TB Media Group, we like to dive on into the deep end, meaning we leave no stone unturned when it comes to uncovering the most impactful story your audience will connect with – keeping them coming back for more.
  • Your project requires research, data, and/or sourcing file footage. This takes time and know-how and that research must be integrated into the overall vision and story.
  • Your video needs an authentic story that includes either a script and voiceover, or a seamless documentary-style video crafted from authentic interviews.
  • You have multiple post-production elements and/or vendors that can include graphics, animations, captions, titles, sourced footage, a voiceover, and translations. Remember, if you don’t want to be a project manager, this is for you!
  • You want to maximize your budget! Oh yes, don’t we all? An EP has relationships! We have a crew we frequently work with who offer us better rates than you may be able to get. We also know what your budget should be spent on and what it shouldn’t be spent on.
  • Your story is the most critical part of your production. If you ask us, storytelling should always be at the center of your content and ultimately, marketing strategy, but it does take special skill to make sure your message is on brand and on point.
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On the flipside, there are instances where you don’t need an Executive Producer. Here are a few:

  • You just need a videographer to set up one camera, shoot, and hand over the footage.
  • You have an internal team who handles sourcing all talent needed, guiding the script and video direction, while overseeing any post-production needs.
  • You don’t need interviews or a strong storyline is not required.
  • You have a prepared script which needs to be paired with an animation or graphics.
  • You have footage already shot and would like a sizzle reel (highlight reel) edited and set to music. Meaning no script or copy that needs to be written to supplement the provided footage.
  • You have an event where you’ll need some simple event coverage with one roaming videographer / photographer who can capture the moments and provide the raw footage.

There are many different producers that can work on a video production, depending on the size of the project. There are producers that can be on location to work as the liaison between the crew and the client. These producers also tend to be writers or directors who can interview those who need to be featured in the video. There are producers that oversee the script and post-production editing. There are also producers who handle the organization and management of the project from scheduling, day-of logistics, budget, and final delivery. BUT – an Executive Producer pulls all of these elements together, orchestrating the vision while keeping you on time and on budget.

Don’t want stress? Don’t want headaches? Don’t want to have your hand in all aspects and moving parts of your video production? Don’t know what to do before or after your incredible story is produced? Then an Executive Producer is who you need to lead you from point A to point Z.

Have a question about how TB Media Group works when it comes to video production and video storytelling? Send us a message and we’d be happy to answer your questions.