How Do You Make a Video Vision Come to Life?

How do you make a vision come to life? Our team’s videographer & video editor, Andres Hernandez, shares his tips and tricks for video storytelling in post-production! 

“My philosophy on editing is that it’s a lot more than just the technical; it’s all about storytelling.” – Andres Hernandez

Here’s what he had to say about editing videos to tell stories: 

  • Editing serves the story first. 
  • A good editor knows how to tell a story. 
  • Storytelling is also told through images and composition. 

What have been the video storytelling projects Andres is most proud of? He loved working on the two videos he edited for CERA Software detailing the concept and function of their CERA app to enhance emergency responses to crises. Have you seen it? Learn more about the project below!

In our video project with Critical Event Response Applications (CERA), we wanted to highlight their work in making emergency response easier and faster than ever with the touch of an app. 

CERA needed a clear and concise video that was visually compelling to audiences, potential investors, and clients. So, our video needed to communicate the function and purpose of the app, which is saving lives by improving law enforcement response time in emergency situations. 

Here’s how we tackled this story:

  • To walk the audience through the app’s features and how it manages active threats, we created the scenario of an active shooter.
  • We opted for animated storytelling to avoid causing trauma through a reenactment with human actors.
  • Our video covered the emergency scenario from start to finish, showing how teachers and students at a school could react in real time by reporting the emergency incident on the CERA app. 

In a life-threatening situation, every second counts. That’s why our video showed how the CERA app cuts emergency response time from an average of three minutes down to seconds. Giving law enforcement more eyes on an emergency will save more lives and quickly neutralize the threat. 

Approximately 780,000 people have seen portions of our video on the websites of major news outlets like MSN, CBS Miami, NBC6, and Spot on Florida. CERA app CEO Edward McGovern was even interviewed on NBC’s “6 in the Mix” and CBS Miami

See the video and more here in our case study.