How do you tell a story with visuals?

How do you tell a story with visuals? And more specifically, what should those visuals be to showcase your brand? Our Content Creator and Designer, Daisy, is here to share what you need to know about developing content! 

“The most important thing is consistency. Your visuals, branding, and your tone of voice should always be at the top of your mind so you’re consistently connecting with your target audience and reaching your goals.” – Daisy Robinson, Content Creation

Let’s break that down into concise steps for success: 

  1. Stick to your branding: these are your brand colors, fonts, and other elements. Once these are established, remain consistent and don’t stray away from them. 
  1. Don’t get sucked into trendy design templates: as Daisy says, these may be cute, but they don’t build brand recognition. 
  1. Hire a designer: a designer will bring your visuals to life with consistent elements specific to your brand that builds recognition. 

Your brand images are an equally important part of your brand identity. If you’re ready to level up your brand’s aesthetic, there’s no better way to do this than a brand photoshoot. Your story is communicated through images as much as they are through words.

When we think of brand photography, we can’t help but think of that time we traveled to the Virgin Islands – for work. But it wasn’t just any work trip. We had a big task that we couldn’t possibly turn down: create a marketing campaign for the first-ever HBCU Basketball Classic at the University of the Virgin Islands!

Not only is UVI the only HBCU in the Caribbean, but we only had six weeks to pull this whole thing off. So, we got to work!

These UVI athletes had already mastered their basketball skills, but we knew their photography game needed a lift. Finding beautiful locations for shooting was no problem, but how do we make brand photoshoots an exciting experience? We keep it light, loose, and fun! 

We cut through camera shyness by keeping it natural and real. You’ll look great and feel great, allowing the most confident version of yourself to shine brighter than the camera flash! 

The end result? UVI team photos on the beach, basketball practice shots, and professional team photos in the gym, reflecting their passion for the game and solidarity as a team.

Want to know how we can bring out your best self through brand photography? Learn more here.