The Difference Between Commercial and Nonfiction Video.

Whether you’re scrolling through social media or flipping the channels on TV, chances are you’ve seen commercials and nonfiction stories in video form. Both are excellent ways to share stories, but they use storytelling in different ways. Check out what commercials do for brands below! 

Commercials are media connected to commerce trying to sell us something. Whether a product or service, you’re given a sales pitch and a multitude of reasons why you need to buy it. However, if you’re aiming to touch your audience beyond selling a product, a commercial may not be the best way to do it. 

Fewer than 17% of adults claim to rely on advertisements for information about business efforts to promote sustainability. (Marketing Charts). 

Ultimately, think about your end goal with a video showcasing your brand. If you want marketing focused on a product or service, you’ll want to create a commercial that will convince your audience to purchase it. To create a connection with your “why”, you’ll need to utilize the power of nonfiction storytelling. 

At TB Media Group, we’ve found, the best way to appeal to your audience’s emotions is through a medium that can communicate thoughts, ideas, and feelings better than any other – video. Our nonfiction content studio uses a journalistic approach to turn your data into moving stories.

Afterall, 81% of consumers trust real opinions over those promoted in an ad.

Organizations typically stop at synthesizing findings and figures into data-filled glossy reports, and this is where TB Media Group starts. We’re a nonfiction content studio using documentary-style, video production to unlock real stories about real people that positively impact our world. From HR and ERG teams, CSR, DEI, ESG teams, and nonprofit leaders; your influence is vital to building trust and loyalty among stakeholders that last long-term.

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