What to Look for in an Event Emcee

Gearing up for your 2024 events?

I know, I know – you’ve got this and you’re probably already on to 2025. 

BUT — just in case early 2024 events aren’t in your rearview mirror just yet, and you need an experienced event partner to get your planning across the finish line…let’s chat!

As an event emcee, I make sure:

  • Your event begins and ends on time
  • Your guests are engaged throughout the program
  • I facilitate smooth transitions and those tech mishaps go unnoticed to everyone but us
  • Everyone’s name is pronounced correctly (My last name is Bickham – I know how it feels to have it mispronounced regularly!)
  • Most importantly – we’re creating an event that is a tool to reach your goals!!

When you book a discovery call with me, that’s the first thing we talk about your goals, where you are now, and where you want to be. It’s no pressure, 30 minutes.

I had a busy 2023 - watch the video above to see who I worked with!

From leading workshops and trainings, hosting on-camera interviews, to moderating and sitting on panels, and emceeing corporate events. It’s been a blast to connect with so many new faces in person, reach even more virtually, and celebrate elevating our voices together.

These opportunities were created because so many of you in my network have spoken my name in rooms I am not in. And I thank you…we had a LOT of fun at energetic and fulfilling events this year.

Catch a glimpse of the fun in the clips below.

One of the best ways to extend the life of your event, create greater reach and awareness, and ensure it lives beyond your one-day or multi-day event is to capture interviews and create content that can be shared beyond the event.

That’s exactly what we did as hosts for the FSMSDC 2023 Business Impact Awards. Before stepping on stage to emcee the awards program, we highlighted the nominees during their red carpet appearances.

A big shout out to one of the evening’s nominees, Civil Mafia - a minority and woman-owned marketing company in Miami, Florida who cares about doing business while also doing good. Now that’s something we can all celebrate!

“Show up on time and go hard.” 

That’s Sonya Montgomery’s advice from the red carpet for other African-American women who want to pursue a path similar to hers – leading an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firm.

As CEO of The Desoto Group, she is one of the only African-American women in the country that is doing gas construction, electric construction all over the United States – something she says she is very proud of. As she should be!

It’s during these intimate moments before an event that we can really capture the unique attributes and stories of the nominees and winners.

If you want to “show up and go hard” during your 2024 events – telling a complete story not just from the stage but before, during, AND after – let’s talk!