Your Audience Wants to Hear Your Brand Story, So Tell It!

Who needs to hear this: Audiences want to know your brand story. It’s how you reel them in and get them to care about what the brand offers them. But it’s not just about products: it’s about the human connection. 

Did you know? Customers who love a brand story are 55% more likely to buy their product. 44% are more likely to share the story with others. (Headstream)

That’s why we focus on the people behind the brand with our in-depth interview process. We scale down data, metrics, values, mission, and goals with visual, nonfiction storytelling that everyone can understand. But, most importantly, a story makes the message memorable. 

Leave the facts and figures for reports and embrace the future of storytelling through video, the most popular format across all platforms. That’s right, engaging brands and marketers are using video to get their message out there, and reach more people than ever before! 

What’s one of the best tools to telling your story? Authenticity.

In our video storytelling, it’s not just about showing up on screen: it’s about what you have to say and how you say it. During the interview portion of our storytelling process, we make our clients comfortable with a friendly conversation that creates a natural human connection.  

When they’re speaking to us about their passion, values, and mission, they’re not only speaking to us but to the audience about what truly matters to them. But why is this an important step to take? 

According to a 2019 survey by research and development firm Clutch, 71% of those surveyed said it’s important for companies to take a stand on social issues. 

Overall, being authentic on camera means saying what we mean and standing by it. When brands remain aligned with their values, audiences are more likely to tune in and stay loyal. 

Ready to crunch data down to an interesting brand story that will keep your audience hooked for more? Contact our team, and we’ll uncover a brand story worth telling.