From Broken To Whole: How One Nonprofit Helps You ‘Be Strong’ with Michelle Shirley

One day at a time, nonprofit Be Strong International, is making South Florida a better place for individuals and families. At the helm is CEO Michelle Shirley, who began her career with the organization out of college, thinking it was a “stepping stone” to other opportunities. Little did she know, she would grow dramatically personally and professionally through her work with Be Strong International.

Passion. Purpose. Happiness. These are all things she found in her own life through her work at the nonprofit and witnesses the healing nature of their programs, in the lives of those they serve.

As a fresh graduate of the University of Miami, Michelle Shirley found a job at Be Strong International, as an office manager to the founder. She admits she didn’t think much of it and looked at the experience as a way to get her closer to her “dream job”, whatever she decided that was.

Founded in 1992, Be Strong International offers holistic education workshops and resources to move individuals and families from brokenness to wholeness. Whether they are experiencing tough times or have been through traumatic experiences, they’re work challenges people to face their demons and make better decisions for themselves. They started as a youth-focused organization, and have expanded to providing resources for parents, teams, individuals, and married couples. Their goal is to touch everyone and play a part in making their community whole.

What started as just a job, led Michelle down her own path of personal development. She began to face trauma from her own childhood, and other challenges that have presented themselves over time. Be Strong International has changed her for the better – giving her the resources to grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. She knew that if this was how much her life could change, this mission has the potential to change many, many more.

Eventually Michelle was at a point in her career where she had a choice – step back and focus on raising her family, or pursue becoming CEO and take Be Strong International to its full potential? After a lot of deliberating she made her decision, and shares, “The moment I became CEO was one I will never forget.”

What else can you expect in this episode:

  • A deeper dive into Michelle’s childhood and the experiences that made her realize she needed to find change.
  • How Michelle made her decision to become the CEO, including her story of her 21 day “fast” to connect with herself.
  • More details on the programs Be Strong International offers
  • How Be Strong International connects with the South Florida community, and how you can help support their mission.
Michelle Shirley from Broken to Whole

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