Boost Immunity with Healing Herbal Soups with Genevieve Wong and Rose Cheung

This week on Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, we’re joined by a best-selling mother-daughter duo who’s teaching us about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and making it accessible for all. Healing Herbal Soups authors Rose Cheung and Genevieve Wong used their time in the pandemic for good – writing a cookbook full of healing recipes inspired by and passed down from TCM doctors. In this episode, the pair share their favorite recipes, the impact TCM has had on them and others, and the health benefits you may start to see yourself with some of their tips.

A Passion Project

Rose Cheung and her daughter Genevieve Wong are both hardworking and passionate individuals. Rose spent her career being a multi-business entrepreneur and self-proclaimed “workaholic.” Genevieve’s career as a TV producer also keeps her on a very busy schedule. When 2020 hit and the pandemic forced them both to slow down, they saw this as an opportunity to finally make time for their passion project. By 2021, their book Healing Herbal Soup was published and hit the best selling lists. Not only recipes, the book also incorporates advice on living healthy in all aspects of our lives – from getting enough sleep to the impacts of air conditioning. 

Finding Healing

For Rose, her interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbs came from her background growing up in a traditional Chinese family. When her daughter Genevieve started experiencing bouts of bronchitis at the age of 15, Rose made a suggestion that Genevieve consider looking to TCM to help her heal. Though her interest didn’t resonate at first, the sickness turned to asthma, and by age 25 Genevive’s life was really impacted in a negative way. She decided to try Chinese herbal remedies again and luckily she saw improvement that made her condition much more manageable in the years since. Not only personal tales, the duo also know many friends and family members who have also seen the positive effects of traditional Chinese medicine and herbs. 

Diving In

When it comes to understanding traditional Chinese medicine, Rose breaks it down into three parts: Prevention, treatment, and maintenance. Depending on which stage you’re in, the needs of your herbal recipes change. By making these recipes accessible to English speakers across the world, Healing Herbal Soups focuses on ways to maintain and preserve your health and immunity through teas, soups, and lifestyle tips. Especially for those who may be skeptical, the book’s recipes include many common vegetables and flowers that bring comfort to the recipes that make it easier to dive into the world of TCM and its benefits. According to the authors, TCM and western medicine don’t have to compete, but can work together with each other to create the best possible outcome.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • What it is like to see a traditional herbalist.
  • Rose and Genevieve’s favorite recipes from the book. 
  • Rose’s role in creating a formula that managed diabetes, and the story of how that pill came to be.
  • Their personal stories of coming to better health thanks to TCM.
  • The tea that they say everyone should be drinking.
  • Rose and Genevieve’s actionable health tips (and explore Genevieve’s resource for healing sounds). 

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