From Cancer Diagnosis to Holistic Health Solutions with Amber Laign

Amber Laign found inspiration in one of life’s biggest challenges. When her partner was diagnosed with breast cancer, Amber was faced with the emotional challenges that come with stepping up as caregiver. Between the symptoms her partner – Robin Roberts of Good Morning America – faced post-treatment and the toll the experience took on Amber herself, she found solutions in essential oils. Inspired by her background in massage therapy, Amber’s deep dive into the benefits of essential oils turned into a business, Plant Juice Oils, when her product using Broad Spectrum CBD + essential oils started producing results in her community. Listen to this week’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories for more details about Amber’s wellness journey, meeting her business partner, and the work they’ve done during five years in business.

Introduction to Wellness

Amber Laign started her career in New York City as a jack of all trades. Once a dancer, Amber’s career progressed until she found herself working in her city’s garment district. Then her life changed dramatically along with her partner’s breast cancer diagnosis. Between her demanding job and becoming a full time caregiver, Amber realized she needed to treat her time differently. She spontaneously quit her job and decided to pursue a passion she had quieted years before, massage therapy. This introduction to the wellness industry introduced Amber to the tools and resources that would help her start her business down the road. 

Essential Findings

When her partner Robin was done with treatment, Amber noticed they both were left with side effects. Robin, from her treatment, and Amber started to have trouble sleeping from all the stress. Amber started to look for solutions – a natural way to remedy their symptoms. She was introduced to essential oils through her work in massage therapy and it sparked an idea. There were so many plant oils out there with a variety of benefits. Why couldn’t she tap into those benefits? Motivated and eager, Amber first tried diffusing sleep-inducing oils for herself and she couldn’t believe how easily it worked. After that experience, she knew she was onto something. 

Spreading the Word

Amber was so excited about her new experiences with essential oils, she couldn’t help but share it with those around her. Even at the dog park, she told a stranger about the impact they were having on her. That stranger was so interested, she joined Amber on her journey of developing products. Together, the two started creating their own recipes, sharing them with friends and family. Word of mouth spread, and they realized the potential this small business had. They named their business Plant Juice Oils and began to sell Broad Spectrum CBD + essential oils products, specifically supporting women naturally through peri + menopause. 

Plant Juice Oils saw their audience grow even wider during the pandemic when they were featured in O Magazine for their essential oil face mask spray. That boom in business gave them the space to rebrand, experience wild growth and pivot to become even stronger. Even with a cancer diagnosis of her own, Amber’s passion for wellness never waivered. Today, she and her business partner are navigating this growth. After five years in business, they are excited for the future of naturally helping women with their products. 

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • The reaction they faced when they introduced CBD oil to their products before it was as popular as it is today.
  • Why over 55% of women choose to treat menopause symptoms naturally.
  • The stigma surrounding menopause, and why they are passionate about supporting the new generation of women who are having more open discussions about the natural experience. 
  • The chemistry behind their products.
  • The importance of trusting your gut, and other actionable wellness tips from Amber.

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