Transform Your Body from the Inside Out with Bryce Henson

One million pounds lost! That’s the impact Fit Body Bootcamp has had on their clients across all of their locations. They’ve seen this huge success among their clients thanks to their alternative look at workout sessions, their community mindset, and the passion for their business that goes on behind the scenes. On this episode, we’re joined by one of their passionate leaders, CEO Bryce Henson, who tells us more about the intention of Fit Body Bootcamp. He also dives into his personal fitness story, one that didn’t start until he was 21 and he shares his big transformation over the last 15 years.

A New Interest

Bryce Henson spent the first half of his life living in the Midwest. As Bryce describes it, the Midwest culture did not always encourage him to be fit. He ate a lot of fast food and never thought too much about what fitness could look like in his life. When an internship moved him to LA, it was his roommate who helped him re-shape his perspective. This roommate already had a fitness routine, and Bryce looked up to the way he treated his body. One day he asked his roommate if he could help him do the same. The next thing Bryce knew, he was starting a 12-week program towards becoming fit.

Diving into Fitness

Bryce describes his new interest in fitness as a gift, and after months of hard work he started to see progress. He didn’t just see changes in his physical appearance, but he felt higher energy, increased confidence, and better job performance too. This progress equaled motivation for Bryce and encouraged him to keep going. Bryce learned a lot of tips in his journey. He learned that it is never sustainable to go from 0 to 100, even though so many people fall victim to it. He eventually realized that with his own progress and his new understanding of the process towards becoming fit, he could help others on their journey too. He went on to earn his Personal Trainer Certification, where he was introduced to Fit Body Bootcamp.

Giving the Gift of Fitness

Fit Body Bootcamp focuses on group training sessions that are 30-minute high intensity workouts. They cater to the people who want a healthy lifestyle, but don’t have the time to spend hours at the gym. For just 2% of your day, they can give you a better, healthier life. Bryce saw the power in this and went on to open five franchise locations over the years. His passion did not go unnoticed, and eventually Bryce went from franchise owner to VP and then to CEO. Even today, he has the same passion, heart, and soul for the business as he did on day one. Today, Bryce helps Fit Body Bootcamp reach more and more clients, making their health and fitness goals possible.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Why taking baby steps helps move you forward with your goals.
  • Bryce’s hardest adjustment when he started his fitness journey.
  • Bryce’s philosophy on the power of a positive mindset.
  • Bryce’s experience with addiction and the need for accountability on his journey.
  • Bryce’s #1 health tip that doesn’t have to do with fitness, but does make a BIG difference in your quality of life.

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