Naked and Afraid Stars Talk All Things Survival with Matt and Brooke Wright

Could you survive harsh environments, with no food, water or shelter, and rely purely on your survival know-how? After years of watching one of her favorite shows, Naked and Afraid, Tamika is thrilled to host this episode’s guests for a chat on survivalism and entrepreneurship. Brooke and Matt Wright have not only challenged themselves on Discovery’s Naked and Afraid many times, but they’ve also built a thriving business sharing their expertise with others across the country through their business Extreme Instinct. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, get a glimpse into what prompted their passion for survivalism, and leave with actionable steps to increase your survival skills – no matter your skill level.

Building Instincts 

Brooke Wright was born and raised in Colorado as a self-described country girl. She spent plenty of time outdoors and was exposed to her natural environment, but would have never imagined how well she would get to know the outdoors until she had her first date with Matt. On their first date, Matt told Brooke all about his passion for survivalism. And their first sleepover? It was in the woods with no equipment.

For Matt, his passion for survivalism started at a young age. He was always the kid who was wilder than the rest, doing things the primitive way – even if it posed more of a challenge. Once he wrapped up his time in the military, he realized that he wanted to take his passion for survival and make it into a business. Therefore, Extreme Instinct was born.

Surviving Entrepreneurship 

In 2005 Matt started his new career in survivalism as a hunting guide, and he sold custom knives through Extreme Instinct. The idea came to him after he had his own knife break. He thought, “How can I have a knife I trust?” The answer was to make it himself. This was just the beginning of the services Extreme Instinct would go on to offer. He partnered with Brooke, and together they grew the business through word of mouth and her marketing background. Today, they offer survival classes across the US, targeting the terrain of your state.

An Even Bigger Challenge

As a passionate survivalist, it was fitting that Matt and Brooke enjoyed watching Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid together – a show where survivalists are challenged to spend 21 days in harsh, natural environments with no clothes, one survival tool, and one partner of the opposite sex. But Brooke did not see it coming when Matt looked at her one day and said he wanted to be on the “extreme” show. He was inspired and motivated to challenge himself to exit the show as strong as he entered it, something not every contestant was able to accomplish. Fast forward to present day, and this once in a lifetime experience for Matt turned into 7 successful appearances on the show, with even more challenges that have not been aired yet (hint, hint). Brooke also found herself in a challenge on the show, spending 15 of the 21 day challenge alone, after her partner dropped out. Her draw? Testing herself, both her physical skill and mental capability.

Through years of proven experience, Matt and Brooke find passion in sharing their survivalist insights with the general population. They know that no matter what life’s challenges are, there are ways to make it through. Whether it is finding water, making fire, or navigating to your next destination without relying on maps – they share the survival tips that we all can benefit from in our day-to-day lives. Because – you never know when you might need them.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • How Matt started with the homeless population when he taught survival classes.
  • The story of Matt’s audition process for Naked and Afraid.
  • What Matt and Brooke each learned participating in these challenges.
  • Why being situationally aware is so important, and what survival skills we can practice in our daily lives.
  • Stay tuned for a new episode of Naked and Afraid XL airing on May 1, 2022, because you never know who you might see pop back up for another challenge.

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