Bollywood Star Survives Abuse & Gives Back with Somy Ali

Somy Ali spends 7 days a week saving the lives of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking victims. As the founder of No More Tears, she has helped over 30,000 men, women, and children find freedom from lives of abuse. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Somy tells her story, from what her present day looks like as a not-for-profit founder all the way back to where the passion for this cause came from.

Originally from Karachi Pakistan, Somy Ali spent her teenage years as a Bollywood actress, starring in 10 films with some of the biggest names in the industry. While living a seemingly glamourous life on the outside, not many would have known the abuse she lived through all before the age of 24. Somy is a survivor of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and rape in her teenage years, and today she is doing everything she can to save victims from going through the same experiences.

Somy left her life (and abusive relationship) behind at 24, starting fresh by continuing her education. What was first a distraction from a past relationship became fuel for her to change her life, and many others. Her calling to found No More Tears came from a literal knock at the door, and 14 years later they have continued to provide resources to those who need them most.

No More Tears prides themselves on being a volunteer-led, no-wait safe haven for women, children, and men victims of abuse. As the founder, Somy works in the field, hands-on wherever she is needed. She says it is the most selfish thing she could do, because their work is her therapy and what gets her out of bed each and every morning. You can’t make change without action, and that is exactly what Somy is here to do.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • What care looks like when No More Tears gets in contact with a victim, and what resources are provided.
  • Why it is so important that the organization sets up survivors to be financially independent.
  • Why domestic abuse cases rose during COVID.
  • The story that has stuck with Somy of a survivor who went from being a victim of abuse to earning her PhD.
  • Somy’s personal story of abuse growing up and with a big-name Bollywood actor.
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