Breaking Barriers: From 80lb Weight Loss to 8-Figure Female Founder with Samia Gore

From weight loss content creator to the first Black, female-owned wellness brand to launch in Vitamin Shoppe, Samia Gore is breaking ground in a competitive space. We’re joined today by the entrepreneur for this week’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories. In Episode 87 we uncover the steps Samia took that led her to founding BodyCompleteRx, with over 18 products that are plant-based and created with people of color in mind. 

A Public Wellness Journey

Samia Gore wears many hats, one of the most important being a wonderful mother to her four kids. With four kids comes four pregnancies, and Samia saw the toll it took, both on her body and her confidence postpartum. She took it upon herself to get back to how she used to look and feel, and made that journey a public one. In 2014, she joined Instagram at a time when sharing content was real-time and authentic. Her goal for sharing her journey online was to increase her motivation, but instead she walked away with so much more. She built a community that inspired her and pushed her to keep sharing. 

She shared stories of weight loss, wellness changes, and of her “mommy makeover” surgery. The surgery was very taboo at the time in the Black community, so Samia served as a resource and even wrote a book in 2015 about her experience. 

Healthy From the Inside Out

After Samia’s experience with weight loss surgery, she learned that in order to keep off the weight she had to make lifestyle changes that stuck. Along with eating better and exercising more, she dove into the world of supplements – only to find the selection was far from desirable. Instead of relying on supplements with questionable (or unnecessary) ingredients, she began working with nutritionists instead to fill the gaps in her diet. One thing led to another, and Samia knew she wasn’t the only one unhappy with the selection of supplements out there. Samia used her knowledge while partnering with trusted nutritionists, and founded BodyCompleteRx

Taking Health Nationwide 

With a passion and a plan, Samia moved forward to create plant-based supplements, with over 18 products today. Her plant-based items include supplements, proteins, pre-workouts, and more – even with heart health and diabetes prevention in mind. In 2018, she made the decision to leave her current full-time job to pursue BodyCompleteRx full time – and luckily business only boomed from there. Over the years they expanded dramatically, and are now included in Vitamin Shoppe nationwide, offering the only plant-based pre-workout on the market. 

Today Samia still shares her authentic weight and wellness journey online, keeping honesty, inspiration, and wellness a big part of what she does each day.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Why weight loss surgery was so taboo in Samia’s community.
  • Why you still need to maintain a healthy lifestyle after any sudden weight loss.
  • What Samia attributes to her brand’s success. 
  • How you can start a wellness journey, and why aiming for perfection is never as good as aiming for progress.
  • The challenges Samia has faced being a Black woman in her industry. 

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