Creating Equitable Pediatric Care for All with Dr. Alana J. Arnold

There are 35 million pediatric visits to the ER each year, but not all are treated the same. In communities across the country, there are health disparities putting children at risk. This week we welcome Dr. Alana J. Arnold to Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories who is the CEO and founder of Premier Pediatric Solutions, LLC. Their passion for improving pediatric emergency medicine care in communities throughout South Florida is at the forefront of their work. In this episode we discuss the need that inspired it all, and the huge impact they make through education and training.

A New Understanding

When Dr. Alana J. Arnold was a teen, she had to make a decision we all face: what career path to take. Her requirements were simple, to meet good people and to be productive to society. For her, this led her to pursuing medicine. When in medical school, she narrowed down her options to become a pediatric emergency physician. She shares that kids are fun, resilient, and she felt good about helping them. Dr. Alana trained in hospitals in Boston, Oakland, Houston, Delaware, and eventually moved to call Miami home. Miami was her first taste of seeing what pediatric care looked like in communities without designated pediatric hospitals, and she was not impressed. 

The Care Gap

Dr. Alana identified that the big gap she saw in the care these kids were receiving was due to improper equipment, lack of knowledge, and other oversight. Even things like bedside manner and patient communication were elements that could have been improved yet are often overlooked. This inspired Dr. Alana to make change. She founded Premier Pediatric Solutions, LLC and began working with clinics to elevate their standard of care. They bring in resources, build protocol, and increase skill sets that lead to better care (and outcomes) for pediatric patients. 

Lasting Impacts

The work Premier Pediatric Solutions, LLC does improves both the patient outcomes and the success of the clinics. Their work yields:

  • A 7-fold increase of revenue: Cost-savings and how to decrease litigation
  • A 2-fold increase: Provider efficiency for pediatric care
  • A 2-fold increase: Increased pediatric volume

They attack the factors that lead to healthcare disparities for children in these communities head-on, working in schools, hospitals, urgent cares, and community programs. With each day, they are doing their part for their community and beyond to bring better care and awareness for the health of our youth. 

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • What communities see lower-quality pediatric care the most. 
  • What standardizing looks like in a clinical setting. 
  • Why it is important to start health literacy young.
  • Examples of health disparities that kids across the country have to face, such as lack of a healthy environment. 
  • The importance of a workforce that mirrors their patients’ backgrounds and identities.

Where to find Dr. Alana and Premier Pediatric Solutions, LLC: