Energy Healing and Rewiring the Subconscious Mind with Shelly Burton

After a life-altering concussion, Shelly Burton’s life changed direction. When the varsity athlete tried to fight through her injury, the symptoms became too much to ignore. She not only felt her own pain, but had a heightened sense of awareness, extreme empathy, and felt the pain of others she came in contact with. She was forced to listen to her intuition for the first time. In this week’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Shelly shares how she tapped into her inner voice and began pursuing her passion in energy medicine. Shelly shares how to know if energy healing is right for you and what it means to rewire your subconscious mind.

The Inner Voice

Shelly Burton grew up knowing that if she worked hard she could go far. By her fourth year of university, Shelly had pushed herself to accomplish everything she set out to do. She was just a year away from earning her degree in science and she was a key player on her varsity basketball team. Unfortunately, one game left Shelly with a serious concussion. She used the same method she had or past injuries – to fight through and keep pushing forward. She even tried to keep playing while injured. This had worked for her in the past, but this time was different and doctors couldn’t find a solution to the extreme pain she felt. Shelly’s symptoms made the noise of the world too much for her. She was exhausted, sleeping all the time, and knew she needed to find a way to rest and get better. Her body was telling her that she needed to listen to it, and for the first time Shelly tapped into her inner voice to figure out what she really needed. 

A Rediscovery

An introduction to her inner voice was the push Shelly needed to pursue a career she felt called to. After her undergrad, she enrolled in a Medical Anthropology program at Oxford University. Her training in energy-healing began and she had a moment of clarity – her high sensitivity no longer needed to be a burden, but instead she could use it to her power to help herself and future clients. After her training, Shelly began developing her energy healing practice in Toronto, not far from where she grew up. When lockdown started in 2020, it affected her mental health and made her consider leaving Canada. She had what she describes as an “out of body experience” that told her she needed to move to Costa Rica. Her spirit spoke and her logical mind trusted, and to this day Shelly practices her healing work from her new tropical location. 

Energy Medicine Woman

In addition to helping clients, Shelly’s study of energy healing helped her tap into her own trauma, process it, and become what she describes as “a different version of herself.” Her passion is to offer the same experience to her clients. She shares that healing is not about trusting another person more than yourself, but being our own healers. She works hands on with her clients as a guide, giving them the clarity they need to get right to healing. Shelly reminds us that no one can tell us how or when to heal, and that we always have a choice. But for her clients, they understand they are facing challenges they can’t heal on their own and Shelly’s strategies are exactly what they need on their journey. 

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Exactly what went into Shelly’s decision to relocate to Costa Rica.
  • What Shelly means by “Hands on Healing.” 
  • How someone would know they need energy healing.
  • What it means to rewire the subconscious mind.

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