Finding Herself Through Stage 4 Cancer Journey with Patricia Ojeda

Sometimes it’s not about the challenge, but about how you choose to respond. This advice comes from Patricia Monica Ojeda, a Sr. Management Consultant, NLP practitioner, meditation trainer, leadership energy consultant, certified executive and business coach, mindset expert, networker & connector. (No, she’s not busy at all!) With such a background, Patricia holds 26 certifications, but most recently she added to the list “cancer free”. As today’s guest on Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Patricia talks recovery, mindset, and what beating cancer taught her about her professional career.

Patricia’s Challenge

2021 made an impression on Patricia Monica Ojeda. What felt like a usual year, was anything but and her friends knew better. After one friend approached her about some changes she had noticed of Patricia’s physical appearance and energy levels, she booked what turned out to be a life-saving doctor’s appointment. In just a few short days she was having an MRI done, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, whisked off to surgery, and on the road to fighting cancer. She underwent 9 cycles of chemotherapy and thankfully after many months she went into remission. 

Mind over Matter

During her fight, Patricia tapped into her skills in technology, research and development, and design thinking to come up with simple solutions to improve her way of life. Her mindset remained the same from the beginning: she was going to beat it. She knew from her professional experiences that if you give too much energy to a problem it’ll only increase the problem. Instead, she focused on what she could control. She maintained her usual routines, meditated each morning, and spent her time researching solutions. Her tip: If you decide what kinds of solutions you’re looking for, you’ll have a much easier time finding them. 

Taking Control

Through her research, Patricia reinforced just how important having healthy habits were to her overall wellness and recovery. She adjusted her diet to cut out foods that “fed her cancer” and replace them with food that made her feel better. Her meditation practices helped manage her energy. 

In addition to her new habits, Patricia also saw a shift in the way she approached her work. She transitioned her focus from technology to the human side of her profession. She recognized that human behavior is still the most influential part of an organization. If you take care of the people, you take care of your organization. Just like how taking care of your mindset takes care of your physical self. 

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • How Patricia needed to “find herself” again after beating cancer. 
  • The importance of having a support circle during experiences like hers. 
  • The best way to take breaks when working remotely all day. 
  • Her thoughts on putting out positive energy, because you’ll eventually receive it back.
  • Our past episode on The Kind Effect

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