Flipping The Script: My Journey from TV Reporter to Entrepreneur featuring Tamika Bickham

On episode 1 of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Tamika takes back the mic to share her personal story — a journey of career changes, health challenges, entrepreneurship, and why she’s launching this podcast. As a former local TV news reporter she has spent her career telling others’ stories, and in this episode, she’s telling hers.

Why a podcast about health and wellness? As a former TV reporter, storytelling is in her blood. Health and wellness stories are her passion because her health journey is a HUGE part of her life journey. Her health and resilience has been tested more than ever as she experienced a series of traumatic life events, but as she overcame obstacles they have helped her on her entrepreneurial path.

Health and wellness are a part of Tamika’s personal journey, but also a part of all of our journeys. As we live through this pandemic together, we are all realizing that if we do not have our health, we are not happy, not able to develop our businesses, and not able to be a part of our communities. Tamika shares why she started Lift U Up, to inspire, share relatable stories, and to leave her audience with actionable tips for the health, fitness, or wellness goals they hope to achieve.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Tamika’s background, from growing up in New Jersey to finding herself back in Florida, where she now calls home.
  • Her experience pursuing her career in journalism and her answer to “Can I do this forever?”
  • How she navigated uncertainty, and took on a few too many bumps in the road that tested her health – both physically and mentally.
  • The moment in life that caused her to pause, and really start to understand how much weight the phrase “life is short” has.
  • How each step of her life journey led her on a path to entrepreneurship, starting her marketing agency TB Media Group.
Flipping My Script Episode 1

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