From Breast Cancer Survivor to Nonprofit Founder with Rosemary Carrera

Rosemary Carrera is changing lives of women across South Florida. In Episode 11 of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, we are inspired by Rosemary’s journey from a passionate optometrist and new mom, to breast cancer survivor and nonprofit president – all in the span of 2 years.

Rosemary’s organization, 305 Pink Pack, was inspired by her own experiences and women in her community who did not have the support they needed to focus on undergoing cancer treatment. Even now, amid a global pandemic, they are diligently providing resources to women who are undergoing these difficult times.

Rosemary Carrera is a local optometrist who specializes in low vision, assisting the visually impaired. After graduating college, she took over the family practice that her grandfather started decades ago, and loved being able to take on as the next generation. After 15 years in a career she held close, 2018 brought new challenges for Rosemary that ultimately changed the course of her life.

At the age of 40, after her first mammogram, Rosemary was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer. With an 8-month-old in tow, she began undergoing multiple surgeries, chemo, and radiation treatments. With no prior symptoms, Rosemary was shocked, terrified, and exhausted after her life changed in the matter of seconds. Fortunately, Rosemary’s friends and family were able to meet all of her needs as she focused on healing, such as transportation, child care, and household tasks.

During her care, Rosemary met women who did not have the same support and were unable to find local resources that could provide assistance. She was thankful for her personal support system, and could not imagine how women without that help were able to go through such an experience. This realization led Rosemary and her sister to form 305 Pink Pack, an organization whose mission is to provide free services to women in Miami-Dade during their active cancer treatment that enable them to focus on healing.

Together, with many amazing volunteers, they are able to make an impact in ways never before offered in their community. When you donate to 305 Pink Pack 100% of those donations go directly to women who need their services.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • How cancer impacted Rosemary’s time as a new mom.
  • The story of Angela, the women who sparked the idea and inspired 305 Pink Pack.
  • How 305 Pink Pack is able to provide resources, even after COVID-19 changed their plans.
  • The story of one of their first members, a single mom, and how she benefits from their resources and community.
  • How you can help support their mission.
Breast Cancer Survivor

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