From ER Nurse to International Business Owner with Cristie Besu

What if we told you there was a way to live a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing some of your favorite treats? Thanks to Cristie Besu, that has become a reality. Helping people end the choice between health and delicious, Cristie founded Eat Me Guilt Free. What started as a passion project grew significantly, and she continues to grow today as the demand for her protein-packed, low-carb brownies spreads across the nation.

Cristie Besu has always known what it was like to hustle, because even during her 9-year career as a nurse she found a passion in health and nutrition. While not on the clock, Cristie was spending her years competing in bodybuilding competitions on and off for 7 years and coaching her personal nutrition clients on her days off.

One thing Cristie learned from her years of working with clients was that on the healthiest diets, they still missed that treat of a good chocolate dessert. That feedback led to some trial and error, and eventually Cristie’s famously good, protein-packed brownie. After a few personal batches (and sharing the brownies to her network on Instagram), Cristie wanted to see what would happen if she opened an ecommerce store to sell a few more of her homemade, saran wrapped brownies. The result? Nearly $1 million in sales after year one and the chance for this project to turn into something huge.

The accidental entrepreneur took that first year of sales as the validation and confidence to keep going in this business, and over 6 years later her products are sold in Vitamin Shops, GNC’s, local grocery chains, and soon to be even more! With more innovative products to come, beyond their brownies, tortillas, and bread, Eat Me Guilt Free continues to help healthy individuals curb their sugar cravings one bite at a time.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Why Cristie’s brownies were a pioneer in the high protein product market.
  • What motivated Cristie to keep working towards her goals.
  • How as a woman the fight for opportunities can be challenging.
  • Eat Me Guilt Free’s upcoming Glow Up Grant and why it is a great opportunity for female entrepreneurs.
  • What Cristie has learned during the pandemic about her physical health, mental health, work-life balance, and more.
Nurse to Business Owner

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