Sharing The Dark Side of our Moons with Tricia-Noël Burke

No matter our age, location, or background, there is one thing that ties us all together: the authentic human experience. Our stories and our emotions make us unique, but for Tricia-Noël Burke they also bring us together. This week’s Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories guest is a new author who combined her passion for storytelling with her love for dance and created her first book Black Moon. She approached her writing by turning challenges into vulnerability and connected the movement of dance positions to stories from women around the world.  

Lifelong Movement

Tricia-Noël Burke is a Houston, Texas native who brought her passion for dance with her across international borders, in homes around the world, and even through virtual dance classes. She shares that dance has always been a part of her life, but rarely was it more than a hobby. To balance her career in the corporate world, she practices ballet and contemporary dance. Along with teaching lessons and a year-long opportunity to dance on a cruise ship, she always found a way to keep dance a part of her life. 

A Storytelling Journey

Tricia-Noël’s international travels provided her the chance to meet many unique individuals from around the world. She learned that no matter the region she was in, she met women who carried a lot on their shoulders, who might crack or stumble along the way, but managed to find strength and pick up the pieces as they went on. Her connection to these women inspired Tricia-Noël and the idea for Black Moon was born. 

Phases of Life

The idea for Black Moon was simple, to combine her love for writing, the stories of women from around the world, and connect the emotions to dance and movement. Tricia-Noël wanted to showcase just how similar we are and show that being vulnerable about our challenges does not have to be a bad thing. Just how the moon goes through phases, we do too. Tricia-Noël shares that she had to feel in order to create, and as a result she created art that connects us all through our authentic human experiences. 

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • The breaking moment when Tricia-Noël decided she needed more from her life. 
  • Where the name Black Moon came from and what it represents.
  • Why Tricia-Noël suggests her readers pace themselves through the unique experience of reading Black Moon.
  • Tricia-Noël’s three tips for embarking on your own journey.
  • What’s coming next for Tricia-Noël, and why she says it’ll be even better.
  • Bonus: Tamika’s current favorite book recommendation

Where to find Tricia-Noël Burke:

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