Tackling His Purpose: From the NFL to Holistic Medicine with Dr. Herve Damas

Dr. Hervé Damas, MD, MBA, former NFL Linebacker, and founder of Dr. Damas CBD joins us as a guest on Episode 4 of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories. Hervé shares the far from typical career path he has taken, from his “dream job” in the NFL, to starting medical school in his 30s, and then how wellness changed his life in more ways than one. It makes sense why Hervé says, “I like playing life on the difficulty setting.”

Dr. Damas’ high school dream to play football led him to a successful college football career followed by a short stint in the NFL. However, after a career-ending injury during his rookie season, he faced the fact that his future might not unfold as he once thought.

His career evolved from a Linebacker with the Buffalo Bills, to a strength and conditioning coach, a wellness director, and a college professor, but Hervé admits that he wasn’t quite living his life with passion and purpose. It wasn’t until his mother, who was facing her second battle against breast cancer, shared a few inspiring words that he left his “perfect job” and followed the new path he is still on today.

As founder of Grassroots Wellness, Dr. Damas acts as a medical practitioner, advocate, and researcher on cannabis-based holistic medical treatment.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • How Hervé navigated losing a piece of his identity, and what it took to find it again.
  • The early signs he would have a future in medicine.
  • A conversation with his mother that made him realize what he was missing in life.
  • How learning how to listen to his own body led him to healing others in similar situations.
  • The holistic medicine approach that was like “putting a new battery in his back”.
Tacking with Purpose

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