6 Things I’ve Learned From 6 Months of Podcasting featuring Tamika Bickham

Your host, Tamika Bickham, is back for a solo episode to celebrate, not one but two things to kick off November 2020! This podcast is turning 6 months old! …and it’s Tamika’s 33rd birthday this week (actually, on Election Day)! Hey, birthdays are always a reason to celebrate, right?! In this episode, she breaks down three reasons WHY she started this video podcast and what she’s learned about people, business, and marketing, over the last six months. Episode 29 is titled 6 Things I’ve Learned From 6 Months of Podcasting.

t]Tamika here. I wanted to share what I’ve learned since I launched this podcast in April 2020 in hopes that it will enlighten or even help you on your storytelling and content marketing journey! Hey, maybe that’s your very own podcast.

We all have different reasons for starting our shows. I’ll start with my WHY.

Why Did I Start The Video Podcast Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories?

  • Creativity – It’s my creative outlet. As a former, local TV news journalist, I was always performing on camera. I stayed curious and asked questions. I always crafted stories and shared them with my audience. Creating content and sharing stories on my terms, was a long time coming.
  • Business Development – This show puts me in front of people I want to meet. What a better way to break the ice and meet virtually during a pandemic, then on my podcast?
  • Marketing / Business Development – I wanted to attract more brands in the health/wellness and happiness industries. So, I started creating content that showcases entrepreneurs and business owners in this space.

I set goals. Started something new. Here’s what I learned and how it worked for my business.

The 6 Things I’ve Learned In 6 Months of Podcasting:

  1. People Don’t Like Vulnerability. Vulnerability is a winning strategy. More vulnerability in business = more success in business.
  2. Everyone Has Challenges or Difficult Life Experiences That They Face. People are resilient. Successful people embrace their challenges and let them shape what they do, who they serve, and why.
  3. When You Share Stories, You Build Connection. Even moreso, you build fans…also known as a community. Focus on the story instead of the sale. You build fans by giving and not asking for anything.
  4. The potential clients who reach out to TB Media Group now are mainly in the health and happiness space. 80%-90% of my leads fall into this category. Why? Because this is the content I create and share. It’s happened because of this show.
  5. Building an Inbound Sales Pipeline. This is a slow, but worthwhile way to grow. Creating content built this pipeline for me.
  6. Health & Happiness are essential for everyone. We’ve all been forced to think about that in 2020. It’s relevant to every single one of us at every stage of our lives.

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