NFL Star Invests In Chiropractic & Wellness with Kevin Minter

Kevin Minter is called “uncle” by his teammates in his NFL locker room. His 8 year career as an NFL linebacker, currently with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is considered a lifetime in the pro football world. That is in stark contrast to what Kevin jokes “NFL” also stands for — Not For Long. So, he’s turning his lifelong career and passion into a new business venture as a franchisee and regional developer of The Joint Chiropractic, along with his business partners, Walter Booth Jr. and Murray Hollis. Today, Kevin owns two Joint Chiropractic franchises in his hometown of Atlanta, and is in the process of opening a third in Miramar, Florida.

But why is chiropractic medicine so important? He’s breaking that down and how it has been a key part of his life and career, in Episode 28: NFL Star Invests In Chiropractic & Wellness.

Kevin Minter has been playing football since he was in 7th grade. After he was given opportunities to train with professional players, young Kevin took note of how well they all took care of their bodies to prepare themselves for the best possible performance. He went on to play in high school and then at the highest level in college for LSU, where he was named a Butkus Award finalist in 2012 as well as a Sports Illustrated first team All-American. Thanks to his ambition, hard work, and dedication, he eventually made it to the NFL.

Growing up, Kevin was lucky to have a supportive family who reminded him that he could do whatever he put his mind to. Kevin never hesitated to put in the work. When it came to taking care of his own body, Kevin learned a lot of ways to prepare himself for his sport. He focused on his nutrition, cardio, weight-lifting, and various treatments – including visits with the chiropractor. He saw his first chiropractor at age 14, and has never looked back. That’s why when his business partner suggested they invest in The Joint Chiropractic, the pieces naturally came together.

Kevin believes that when taken seriously, the benefits of chiropractic work can be impactful for our overall wellness. Our health and self-care must be a priority, so there is no better time to make your body (and mind) feel great, and chiropractic care is part of the equation.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Kevin’s story of when football went from his hobby to his passion.
  • The reasons why investing in The Joint Chiropractic made perfect sense for Kevin.
  • How Kevin impacts his community through his businesses.
  • Why people in the US are scared of visiting a chiropractor.
  • How wellness is gaining popularity in South Florida, and what that means for his business.
NFL Star Invests in Wellness

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