Are You Working Out In The Mental Gym? with Cory Chadwick

Are you living your 10? Chances are, you are not. Cory Chadwick believes that as individuals we have so much more potential than we know. The proud father and husband founded The Mental Gym – a new type of personal training, teaching people to think differently, shift thinking patterns, and show up living their best self. You’re already working out your body each week, why not work out your mind?

Cory Chadwick has not always lived out his 10. At a young age, Cory went through a series of experiences that kept knocking him down and left him feeling out of control. He lived through his parents’ divorce, a rare brain virus, and the loss of his mother to suicide – and was starting to feel like life was going to stay this hard no matter how hard he tried. Little did he know, life was preparing him. He decided one day that he wasn’t destined to be the victim, he did have control. If there was a worst, there had to be a best.

Upon that realization, Cory came up with what would eventually become the foundation of The Mental Gym. He wanted to create a program that allowed people to reach their 10 through hard work and reflection. Living your 10 is not elite – anyone at any age can find the person in themselves that they can be proud of. Cory believes that everyone has the potential, they just need to be equipped with the right tools – which is where The Mental Gym plays a role. They focus not just on the “what” you want to see in your life, but “who” you want to see yourself become.

Anyone can become a member of The Mental Gym and workout their mind weekly with likeminded people. Follow the three rules of respect, honesty, and no-judgement, and you’ll be living your 10 in no time.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • How to stay open for what life brings you and evolve towards better days.
  • Where the idea of a mental “gym” came from.
  • The most important skill to work on in your life.
  • How The Mental Gym is different from a life coach session or therapy.
Working Out At Mental Gym

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