From Surviving Abuse to Empowering Other Survivors with Betty Lara

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month – and today on Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Betty Lara of Glory House is sharing the nonprofit’s mission of supporting human tracking survivors. On Episode 39, Betty shares path towards bringing Glory House to life, the incredible work they do, the things you may not even know about human trafficking in America, and most importantly, the ways you can help. On January 11, Human Trafficking Awareness Day, you can join Glory House in the nationwide Darkness into Light event, bringing light to horrific crimes happening all across the country and world.

Betty Lara is the Executive Director of Glory House Miami, a faith-based nonprofit that offers a safe environment for adult survivors of human trafficking. Though her passion has always included empowering other women, Betty never imagined this would be the career path she would take. As a survivor of her own childhood abuse, Betty opens up about her own journey of healing. She shares her missteps, hardships, and even a book she wrote during one of her hardest times.

Then one day in 2011, her life was changed for the better. Betty was approached by her sister-in-law with the idea to open Glory House, a faith-based home for survivors. Betty of course had initial hesitations (she had no background in Human Trafficking), but she saw the potential to help these women heal, so she took the leap. Nearly a decade later, the hard work has been more than worth it. Betty surrounded herself with people who had the talents to collectively give these women anything they needed – from a place to stay, to counseling, medical attention, legal help, and education.

Human trafficking is a problem happening in our own backyards around the country, and the work Glory House does is life changing.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Betty’s personal story of surviving abuse.
  • When Betty knew she was on the right path with Glory House.
  • Where human trafficking most frequently occurs and why it doesn’t discriminate.
  • The ways Glory House assists both residential and non-residential survivors.
  • How 2020 impacted the human trafficking industry and how the internet has taken an even larger role.
  • The important ways anyone (of any skillset) can help combat Human Trafficking.
Surviving Abuse and Empowering Victims

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