Awakening Your Blue Mind with JP Aramouni

JP Aramouni, and his co-founder Alex Ciklik, are combining water and wellness and creating a new business model. Founders of Blue Space, JP and Alex saw that even though their coastal communities were surrounded by water, the marinas were not reaching their full potential. Through their discovery of the concept of Blue Mind, they launched their business to provide an elevated wellness experience in Miami. In this episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, we sit down with JP to talk about his past career, life abroad, and how he is pursuing his passion through Blue Space.

]JP Aramouni grew up by the ocean. As he grew older, he found himself in a career working with technology businesses to scale their operations. For companies like Uber and Uber Eats, he would travel the world from one country to the next, building their operations from the ground up. JP moved to a new country every two to three months and throughout that experience, he started to get more in touch with himself.

After changing jobs and settling for a few years in Asia, JP took advantage of a unique opportunity and signed up for a 10-day silent retreat. He wanted to reflect and reassess his life, because he did not want to end up living the rest of it in the passenger seat. He felt he was letting his career guide his every move. After the first few challenging days, JP eventually found a flow and gained clarity during the retreat. He spent so long building other people’s companies; it was now time for him to build his own.

The year following the retreat JP moved back to the US and chased many ideas, and it wasn’t until he stumbled across the concept of “Blue Mind” that he found the idea that felt right — aligned with his purpose. He and his co-founder Alex, a former coworker at Uber, began to develop the concept of Blue Space and eventually brought it to life.

Today, Blue Space offers those in Miami a chance to disconnect from the daily grind and recharge by connecting them to the healing elements of the water.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • What the concept of Blue Mind is, and how water is a natural therapy
  • JP’s experience as a new entrepreneur
  • How launching in the middle of the COVID pandemic changed their business plans
  • Who benefits from an experience at Blue Space
  • JP’s advice for building a life around your purpose
Awakening Your Blue Mind

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