Namaste: From Law To Yoga and Wellness Events with Sam Reynolds

Sometimes saying “yes” can open up doors you never thought possible, and for Sam Reynolds it led to finding her purpose in life. A wellness advocate, handstand enthusiast, writer and adventurer- Sam spends her days using yoga to transform lives. Once law school bound, Sam found herself saying yes to experiences that led her to living abroad, trying yoga for the first time, and becoming a wellness leader.

While finishing her master’s in international administration at the University of Miami, Sam was approached with an invitation to study abroad. With law school ahead, she thought the 3-month program would be a great chance to learn beyond herself. Little did she know that 3-month program turned into 6 years of living away from home. She began working in the Czech Republic and spent her last year abroad in a contract position in Rwanda. There she taught history and loved working with students in the tight knit community she became a part of.

When that contract position ended, she decided it was time for her to return to South Florida, the place she once called home. Her move back was challenging, because upon returning she felt like an outsider. She was grieving the culture and community she became so attached to, so one day, to help her clear her mind, her mom invited her to a yoga class.

Sam had never practiced yoga (or attended any group fitness class before), but as she learned before, saying yes can lead to great things. Picking up yoga led her to better taking care of herself, through exercise and watching the food she put into her body. She learned the power of staying accountable and building strength both inside and out. After participating in her first yoga class, she wanted to learn more about the practice of yoga and she was presented with an opportunity to become a yoga teacher. Sam’s new life path was forged.

Sam went on to grow her business offering classes, workshops, mentoring sessions, and retreats to facilitate personal transformation. Sam teaches power vinyasa, restorative, yin, and meditation. She did not give up her passion of human rights and empowerment, holding monthly classes to benefit a local environmental non-profit at the Kampong Botanical Gardens, and an annual benefit class to raise genocide awareness.

Sam is also the creator of Cafe Namaste – a lifestyle and wellness community to inspire connection through wellness, service, learning, and fun. Cafe Namaste offers events, workshops, classes, and retreats – and was on track to expand into two cities with major sponsors, pre-pandemic. Sam breaks down the drastic changes that have happened since then.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Sam’s experiences living abroad and what she learned from those 6 years.
  • All about Cafe Namaste, and how it teaches the message that everyone has a purpose that can make the world a better place.
  • How COVID impacted her business and her plans for the future.
  • Why she live-streams the sunrise every morning and what that has to do with her health.
  • Sam’s advice for staying accountable.

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