Creating Experiences That Make Everyone Feel Good with David Graziano

There’s no better way to enjoy yourself than with an event created for anyone, ages 2 to 80, to feel good and have a great time. That’s exactly the goal entrepreneur David Graziano had when he created Art with Me, an International Arts, Music, and Cultural Experience. With its six pillars, Art with Me brings to life David’s dream to build a positive and enjoyable experience around the world. In today’s episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, we hear from David about the inspiration behind the events and where he hopes to bring them next.

A Career in Creativity

David Graziano has always pursued his creative passions. Starting his career in furniture design, David specialized in sculpture and out-of-the-box, life-size pieces. In his twenties he was also introduced to space and event design, starting with a nightclub he helped bring to life. For David, this was his first taste of being involved in the design of a place where people can come to enjoy themselves – and this was a feeling David was not ready to leave behind.

Finding Joy in Joy

As David progressed in his career, he continued to discover ways to find joy in bringing others joy. He spent time building hotels in Tulum, contributing to people’s enjoyable vacations. He aimed for well-balanced locations, providing every type of traveler something to enjoy in his spaces.  

David hit a point in life where he had a new big idea he knew he wanted to pursue. He was looking for ways to celebrate the creative arts while creating an experience that anyone can enjoy, just like his hotels. This is how the Art with Me concept was born.

Bringing Art with Me to Life

Art with Me is an international festival with a purpose. With 6 pillars, there are events held that nearly everyone can enjoy. From dance events, food events, and child-focused events, Art with Me is designed to cultivate happy environments. The event was partially influenced by the positive nature David experienced at Burning Man, with a goal to plant a seed of positivity, love, and generosity in their community.  

As for the future, David doesn’t know where it will take him. He remains present in his life and is loving the path he is set on to combine his creative talents with his passion for joy. He’s expressing himself through his work and feels fulfilled with every event.

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • The happy accident for how Art with Me got its name.
  • The six pillars of Art with Me and how they are all interconnected.
  • Examples of how Art with Me is an experience unlike other events.
  • Why David says “When you really know yourself, you are the smartest person in the room.”
  • David’s new exciting project that is coming soon.
  • David’s wellness advice and how to find time to recharge.

Where to find Art with Me: