Deepening Our.Love and Happiness with Tal Zlotnitsky

Tal Zlotnitsky is helping you love more and love better. After two failed marriages, the serial entrepreneur had a realization – he didn’t know what it meant to “do” love well. And if he was having that problem, he knew there were others struggling in the same way. He took to his instincts and created Our.Love, a business helping us all love better. This episode of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories is all about the impact better love has on us all, the seven critical love skills, and Tal’s story that led to the app’s launch.

The “Why” Behind the Our.Love

Like many of us, Tal Zlotnitsky’s childhood impacted a lot of who he is today. Following in his entrepreneurial father’s footsteps, Tal grew up to start six companies and counting. At the age of six, Tal became a professional singer on TV in his home country of Israel, shaping the charismatic personality he has today. At times, Tal’s family did not have a lot of privilege to rely on, so Tal learned from personal experiences how important it was to treat all people with dignity.

Finally, Tal reflects that while his loving parents gave him the best life they could, as role models they showed him and his brothers a type of love that was imperfect – impacting the way he treated relationships for most of his adult life.

Learning to Love Better

When Tal realized that after 2 failed marriages he did not understand what it meant to do love “right”, he turned to research. Tal learned that there are seven critical love skills that we need to develop in order to show and receive our best love. This realization and opportunity for education led to Tal’s next business, and created a way for him to make an impact on others lives as well. He founded Our.Love, an app launched on Valentine’s Day 2022, for deepening relationships and learning how to love better. Tal shares that while the app is great for romantic love, the lessons from Our.Love can be applied to other relationships like those with neighbors, friends, family, and communities.

Our.Love doesn’t just teach you about love, it guides you towards resources, teaches you what tools to reach for, helps you understand the love languages of those around you, and guides conversations between you and your partner.

After all, more and better love is never a bad thing, right?

What else can you expect in this episode?

  • Why society in general can benefit from learning to love each other better.  
  • Why Our.Love is a must for parents wanting to be an example for their children.
  • How childhood trauma can impact the way we show and receive love.
  • Tal’s opinion on setbacks and why they never have to mean the end.
  • The importance of curiosity.

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